16 of the UAE’s Best-Known Universities For Admission in 2022

16 of the UAE’s Best-Known Universities For Admission in 2022

There is a worldwide concern about the quality of education received by students and their parents. The United Arab Emirates offers educational opportunities to foreign and local students alike. Ambitious students must take a number of factors into account before enrolling in an overseas university. The accessibility of a worldwide faculty and the possibility of better career prospects should be considered during the preparation process. Several of the world’s best schools and universities are located in the UAE. Unlike other countries, the UAE offers a welcoming atmosphere and kind people, which make it a great place for students to pursue their goals. It is not just students who are exposed to a variety of topics, but everyone as well.

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The 10 Best Universities in the United Arab Emirates:

Students may apply to several top universities to pursue their desired careers, which will greatly help them. Below is a list of one of UAE’s (Dubai’s) best universities.

United Arab Emirates University:

7492 students are enrolled at UAE University, with 1,977 of them foreign, making it the top university in the country. The university was founded 40 years ago, making it one of the oldest in the UAE. Among the university’s alumni are a number of prominent figures in government and business. It was the first national university to offer Ph.D. degrees, and it has nine colleges dedicated to teaching and research excellence. From humanities to information technology and medical sciences, the university offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. In addition to being a highly regarded research institution, the university ranks 20th in the world according to the university’s website.

American University of Sharjah:

Approximately half of AUS’s 12,000 students are international students, making it one of the most multicultural universities in the world. Its outstanding record of teaching and research excellence has made AUS a symbol of excellence in teaching and research around the world.

Campus amenities include a major library, a sports complex, a health facility, a food cafeteria, and residential hostels. Some of the world’s greatest universities provide faculty and staff to AUS. Approximately 350 faculty and staff members at AUS are from some of the world’s top universities. Two years ago, the American University of Sharjah was ranked among the top ten universities in the Gulf region. Two years ago, the American University of Sharjah was ranked among the top ten universities in the Gulf region. Undergraduate courses number 73, and master’s degrees number 13. There are 84 percent of the student body who are overseas, and both the educational quality and the number of overseas students are highly regarded.

Khalifa University:

As part of a government project, Khalifa Institution was formed in 2007 in Abu Dhabi, and in 2021 it ranked ninth in the Arab region and 211th in the world. Currently, the school has around 1,500 students, but plans indicate that it could eventually have 6,000. With a focus on international partnerships, faculty, and research programs, the university is based on the American higher education model. Several technical colleges were merged to form Khalifa University. Developing a knowledge-based business is the state’s objective in the post-oil era. It is recognized as an international and civil security authority by the Institute for International and Civil Security (IICS) at KU.

Ajman University of Science and Technology:

Ajman University (AU) is the first private university in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). International students were also allowed at this university for the first time in the UAE. In the QS World University Rankings for 2020, AU ranks among the top 800 universities in the world, including the top 45 in the Arab world. AU is one of only six higher education institutions in the world accredited worldwide by the Quality Assurance Agency of the United Kingdom.

University of Sharjah:

One of Sharjah’s largest universities is the University of Sharjah. In 1997, it was founded, making it a prominent academic institution in the emirate. The university values diversity and welcomes both domestic and foreign students. With 31 educational institutions worldwide, this noteworthy one offers the best learning opportunities. In addition, if you wish to study dental medicine or medicine at the University of Sharjah, both are offered. Having these faculties is one of its unique characteristics, as they are rare in other institutions. It plays a critical role in the emirate of Sharjah’s socio-economic development as a premier academic institution across the Middle East and beyond. In addition to 17,000 students, the university has 668 faculty members who have significant exposure to foreign cultures. In University City, students find modern labs, libraries, IT infrastructure, sports complexes, student centers, and other facilities that are reminiscent of Islamic and Arabic historical architecture.

Zayed University:

As the UAE’s first globally accredited university, Zayed University provides higher education to students. Known as the Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Monument, it bears the name of the country’s first president. Today, this leading university in the UAE for foreign students has eight colleges that offer courses in education, natural science, humanities, arts, and technology. The campuses of Zayed University in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are designed to prepare local and international students to serve the community. ZU’s General Education Program is offered to students for the first two semesters before they move on to their output-based degrees. The university also sponsors social and entertainment events for students.

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