6 Types of Webinars for Each Stage of the Customer Journey


A webinar is a virtual interactive platform that transforms a presentation into a real-time discourse that may take place from anywhere in the world, as long as good internet access is available. Webinars allow large groups of people to participate in online discussions, training, and events while also sharing their knowledge via audio, papers, or slides without many logistical hassles. The term “webinar“(“web”+ “seminar”= “webinar”) was coined in 1998, during the height of the dot.com boom. Webinars are being used by businesses of all shapes and sizes to help with marketing, sales, and customer service. It’s an excellent tool for creating interactive learning sessions. The importance of a webinar is rapidly gaining momentum, especially during the trying and testing times of Covid-19.

The various forms of webinars have completely evolved from 1998 to the present day of 2022. A simple online seminar is now a powerful instrument for business. From generating new leads to creating loyal customers, conducting webinars can help optimize the sales funnel. Different kinds of webinars can be utilized to help the sales team move leads down to the funnel, convert them, and retain them as customers. There are four stages of the customer journey. Under all the 4 stages, certain types of webinars will help build stronger relationships with the audience at each stage of the customer journey.

Awareness Stage

1. Marketing webinars

These kinds of webinars are the simplest webinar type under the awareness stage. It is a reliable way to increase awareness among the audience and improve brand recognition.

  • Marketing webinars can be utilized to disseminate new insight and content, promote business, and establish authority. These webinars include topics such as
  • New trends
  • Merits and Demerits
  • Solutions ranging from product to policy
  • Inclusion of creative ideas and unique methods

Specialized webinar service providers are hired to provide webinar services catering to the varied needs of the company.

Consideration Stage

2. Interview webinars

This type of webinar will help to establish credibility as a thought leader in the industry. One can invite other industry professionals or team up with a partner or influencer to expand the marketing reach, and thus in this process one can share valuable information, discuss trends and industry news, and talk about current events, and policy discussions. Round table discussion is the best example of this kind of webinar.

3. Q&A Webinars and Webinar summits

Q&A webinars and webinar summits are favourable for bringing and converting leads. It’s the best way to engage the audience, get to know their challenges and requirements, and turn them into customers by laying out how the service or product is a helpful solution for their challenges. This virtual event will guarantee results if it is executed using good webinar service providers by inviting various industry experts, planning multiple sessions and individual webinars, and finding ways to promote the products.

Decision Stage

4. Product demonstration webinars

Product demos essentially cover the steps to help the customers to use the newly acquired product or service, along with ensuring the right way to use the product. In recent times, webinars structure have developed along with technological advancement. The virtual show has seen a recent boom in its demand, during the Covid-19 times, when the whole world was connected through online live streaming services. Along with the video or presentation showed, the host could respond to the queries of the customers via live chat. Dreamcast, a virtual show platform, became the most famous platform to conduct the webinars.

Retention Stage

5. Product Support

These webinars are conducted to aid retention and maintain the interest of the existing customer base in the products. Tutorials are a great way to give the audience a detailed insight into products or services, along with tips and tricks, secrets, and essentials.

6. Product Upgrade

This type of webinar is conducted to maintain customer loyalty and to announce or highlight upcoming products and services. It includes informing customers about future upgrades, updates, technological advancements, and product obsolescence. It provides a platform to enable the customers to share user experiences.


In the 21st century, with the dynamic technological changes taking place, the webinar structure has evolved in different ways. It has become a necessity for every perfect webinar secrets review to ensure robust technology, security, and privacy of the customers as well as the company. Webinars held in 3D bring amazing features like a mobile-friendly animated experience, depicting product uses by ensuring customer engagement, live polls to understand the customers’ reactions, and many more.

Webinars are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to deliver visual, interactive experiences catering to the needs and expectations of the customers. Webinar service providers ensure that the companies do incorporate user intent into creative processes, and guarantee that the webinars align with the target audience’s pains. Thus, webinars have now become a perfect medium to enhance the marketing strategy and let the real and virtual world meet to connect the company and the target audience in a hassle-free manner.