7 Tips For New Influencers in 2022

7 tips for new influencers

Have you just opened your blog or want to be an influencer on one of the trendy social networks like Instagram or Snapchat? Here are some of our tips to help you start your internet business in 2022 and reach for the stars.


“What advice(s) would you give to someone who wants to start a blog? »

This is a frequently asked question on the Internet. In addition, we offer 7 relevant tips for new/future bloggers who wish to start careers as an influencer this year 2022.

1. Set your goal

If you’re new to the internet or just created your blog or opened your Instagram account, we recommend that you take the time to clearly define why you’re launching your platform.

Are you passionate about preparing healthy meals at home on a budget?
Do you want to share your financial experience with others to advise them better?

Are you excited to share makeup products to witness which ones are the best?

If your goal is simply to make money with blogging or Instagram, we recommend that you consider whether to start building a social media presence. Yes, having established followers on Instagram and a blog gives you the opportunity to make money.

However, there are much faster ways to earn money for an extra income (such as walking dogs, reselling clothes in Videdressing, or Vinted). Because before you are approached by brands to pay you for sponsored articles, test products, or organize contests, it will take a little time for you to be known and recognized.

Our advice is that you write the promise of your blog or your account on any social network. This promise, this mission statement, you can say, can keep to yourself, in particular, or even share it with your readers. This will only be more appreciated as you will share honesty, transparency, and sharing with your community of readers and followers.

2. Create a clear point of view

Once your goal is set, it will help you create a clear point of view. As an editorial strategy. For example, if you are passionate about beauty, the content you create will be about beauty. You can post photos, videos, simple thoughts, or quotes about your favorite eyeshadow palettes or new foundations you’ve experienced. You can also write about the indispensable beauty products you usually travel with.

And so, if you’re creating beauty content, you’re not creating and sharing content about food or cars (unless you intentionally want it to be part of your brand). Creating a clear point of view helps your audience understand the type of content they can expect from you. It also helps your audience understand the type of content they might be asking for.

It may seem trivial, but it will prevent you from starting to devote yourself to anything and everything as a subject and prevent you from being approached by companies or agencies in the antipodes of the issues that interest you.

3. Choose the right channel that matches your communication style

We recommend that you choose a channel (blog, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snap) that will be in your way. If you like to write, then create a blog. If you feel comfortable taking pictures, maybe you should start an Instagram.

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking in front of a camera but want to interact with your audience, we recommend starting a podcast.

If you feel comfortable talking in front of a camera, start a YouTube channel or post stories on Instagram/Snapchat.

Think about what’s the most fun for you and match your strengths. Creating content can be difficult. If you choose a medium that doesn’t match your communication style, it’s hard to publish regularly.

4. Put your fears aside and start

It can be a little disturbing to take pictures in public. Or talking in front of a camera. Or to share your thoughts and feelings online. Especially when you start!

But if you’re reading this article, it’s because you think it has potential and wants to start with your new blog or an Instagram account. So you have to put those fears aside and show confidence and courage. Believe in yourself! There are over 7 billion people in the world. Surely there will be people who don’t like you and others who love you. But it doesn’t matter if they like you or not, what matters is that you like what you do.

If talking about makeup and sharing your product ideas online makes you happy, go ahead! If cooking healthy, economical meals brings you joy, so do it! If finding the most Instagramable places in every city you visit makes you happy, then do it!

5. Set your goals for success

Without necessarily talking about specific indicators such as the number of visitors or turnover, your goal of success may be more abstract. For example, my idea of success: if I help someone else create content or explore a new place, we consider it successful.

For many, a certain idea of success that is sufficiently shared is the number of their followers. For others, it will be the number of posts they have visited and posted on blogs or posted on Instagram.

All this is subjective and, of course, it’s up to you to define it.

6. Create valuable content

If you want to enter the world of influencers, you must necessarily offer valuable content that will be appreciated for its quality and that will make you recognized for its qualities. So you have to create content, but valuable content.

In 2022, there are thousands, millions of photos of coffee mugs, beautiful buildings, beautiful shoes… Everyone is used to seeing this content. If you want to capture the attention of the audience and thus get a real audience, you need to add value. You can add value by entertaining or uplifting them. The value is also your personality: put some of your soul in your publications, whether in the words used or in the type of photos, in the angle, in the filter…

7. Do not seek to be a perfectionist and learn

If you just launched your blog or new Instagram, you’re probably doing a lot of things for the first time. But don’t be afraid!! You’re probably learning how to take pictures and videos. You’re probably wondering how to write a caption or tweet, or how to use hashtags, which, how many, how to pose in front of your camera… Don’t worry, you’ll learn over time. You can listen to podcasts, watch tutorial videos, read articles or books on how to build influence online. Don’t forget to ask other bloggers in the community for help as well. And once you have reached the heavens and been introduced into the sphere of influencers, feel free to return the favor.

You have to be patient with yourself while learning a new world and leaving perfectionism behind. Nothing will ever be perfect. The most important thing is to create your content, publish it, see how your audience reacts, and learn from that experience.