7 Tips to boost your IQ & Clear Your Govt Exams with Flying Colours

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IQ or (Intelligence Quotient) was 1st initiated (by Alfred Binet, a French psychologist) to determine an individual’s intellectual acumen.

Of course, experts offering do my assignment for me help on IQ topics (or something similar) state – gauging intelligence isn’t the only factor for IQ.

Presently it is also utilised as a rational measure to define someone’s potential in life and prowess to diagnose conditions of intellectual enfeeblements.

Common Standardised IQ Tests:

One’s IQ level is measured through a series of industry-approved standardised tests conducted by licenced psychologists.

The test is performed involving many participants. And at the end of it, the results are compared to find out who’s intellectual prowess overshadows the rest!

Those tests are as follows:

  • (WISC-V) Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children 
  • (WAIS-IV) Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Adults 
  • (SB5) Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition 

What Does Your IQ Level Intelligence Measure?

An IQ level test determines your intelligence by measuring the following facets.

  • Spatial visualisation
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Memory capabilities
  • Reasoning abilities
  • And various biological, social and environmental factors like – genetic history, social & economic status, health and well-being and access to education.

(Moving On)

How Can One Augment Their IQ Levels?

It is a common question, especially for students appearing for their university/government examinations.

Well, fortunately for them, it is possible!

Follow The 7 Tips Given Below.

  1. Play Strategic or Puzzle games 

You can play puzzles or strategic games. Studies have shown how they can boost one’s IQ. You will learn to plan and strategise better. Plus, your problem-solving skills will improve too.

  1. Spend Time with Good Books, PDFs & Magazines

Reading edifies the mind. So be a voracious reader. There are no shortages of magazines, PDF sources and books to spend time with.

If you would instead study for your government examinations or university tests, you can also read competitive examination texts.

In addition to reading, you can also surf the internet and get up-to-date with the latest news, trends and current affairs worldwide.

All this will boost your IQ level and bestow you with an arsenal of knowledge to clear your upcoming examination.


  • Watch Your Diet 

A good diet leads to a sharper mind and a fully functioning body. It’s a truth known to us since our schooling days.

So, if you wish to boost your IQ for the approaching exam, watch your diet. Avoid stuffing your face with greasy, unhealthy outside food.

Consume lots of greenies, fresh vegetables, lentils, beans and other high-in-fibre foods. Also, consume proteins like eggs, meat and fish.

Put restrain on alcoholic beverages, excessive coffee or tea. Instead, consume lots of water.

This boosts your IQ levels and increases your performance, energy, and confidence.

  1. Participate In Physical Exercises 

To improve your IQ, you need to train your brain. And to do that, you will have to train the body too.

Studies have shown that participating in physical workouts helps boost IQ. Plus, as a complementary, it keeps you healthy and relaxed.

It doesn’t take much. A solid 40-50 minutes of workout (be it running, swimming, skipping or meditating) is sufficient.

  1. Mind Your Sleeping Habits

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Your mental health is directly proportional to your sleeping habits. So make sure to get sufficient sleep to ensure your mind and body are properly rested.

Of course, this habit has to come naturally (& not by swallowing sleeping pills).

The best thing to do is to determine how much sleep you need and stick to that regime daily. Don’t oversleep, as that is also not a good habit.

  1. Indulge In Executive Control Training & Visuospatial Reasoning Activities 

In layman’s terms, executive control training is regulating the intricate cognitive functions like:

  • Decision making
  • Organising and managing tasks
  • Orientating attention

Some executive control training activities suited to enhance your IQ are as follows:

  • Pictionary
  • Scrabble
  • Brainteasers
  • Red light – green light

And so on!

In addition, you can also indulge in various visuospatial activities – which denote the cognitive processes relating to physical representations.

For example – navigating a map as it requires both your visual-spatial reasoning acumen.

Common visuospatial activities include:

  • 3-D models
  • Mazes
  • Unfolded prisms
  • POV – point of view activities


  • Take Lots of Mock tests & swap machines with your mind

The internet has no scarcity of mock tests. Find them and test your acquired knowledge and skills.

In general, you can do it twice a week. But if you have exams approaching (be it university or government), take 4-5 in a week. It will enhance your subject learning, general knowledge, confidence, and intellect to tackle various test questions.

Also, if you are solving maths, try to do the calculations inside your head. Refrain from using the calculator.

Don’t forget the mind is more powerful than any machine. So the more you do mental maths, the sharper your will become.

Final Lines:

Use these tips to boost your overall IQ. It will go a long way in helping you clear your government examination with distinction.

Wishing you all the best!

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