Apple M1 Chip : Everything you need to know

apple m1 chip

Apple M1 Chip Review

The Apple M1 Chip is one of the fastest chips ever used in a laptop. It was introduced with MacBook Air, Mac Mini and MacBook Pro on November 10, 2020.

According to Apple, all their products including iPhones will also be embedded with M1 chips in future.

The chip is designed entirely by Apple Inc to work with their own operating system, macOS Big Sur.

It is not only the first ARM-based system on a chip, it is also the first PC processor built using a 5 nm process.

The company also claims that in addition to having the fastest CPU core, M1 chip also has the finest performance per watt. Apple describes this processor as a breakthrough.


Apple M1 chip is built in such a way that it adjusts processor, I/O, security and memory all in the same system.

This provides optimized performance which was not possible with the old Intel’s architecture. Apple has also successfully loaded the chip with 16 billion transistors. This is the highest number of transistors ever used in Apple’s processor.

Furthermore, the unified memory setup plays a vital role in stretching the speed of the device.

Since all the technologies used in SoC are combined together, every system can obtain the exact same data without copying it between numerous pools of memory.

This architecture improves power efficiency and performance. It also makes the device 3.9x faster in video processing and 7.1x faster in image processing.

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CPU performance

The 8-core CPU is divided into two components: high performance(4-core) and high efficiency(4-core). Where the former easily handles multiple workloads with the highest performance.

And the latter is there to take care of lighter works. For instance, editing photos, checking emails are handled by high-efficiency cores and the heavy jobs like managing RAW libraries in lightroom, professional video editing are managed by high-performance cores.

The work sharing structure raises the CPU performance by 3.5 times. All of this is done without burning the battery life.

In fact when compared with earlier PC laptop chips, at just 10W, the M1 will have 2x more CPU performance.

And with only 25% of the power usage, it can reach the highest performance. In addition to that, we can also see 3x gains in performance per watt as the M1 chip took over.

GPU performance

Claimed to be the fastest integrated GPU ever used in a PC, M1 can handle about 25,000 threats at once. The 8-core GPU is at top in graphics performance and lies at the last in power consumption.

Meaning, with just 10W of power, it becomes 2x faster than previous models. And to reach the highest performance, the GPU only consumes 33% of the power.

Other features

The addition of the Apple M1 chip in the MacBook has made the device 15x faster at machine learning. It can perform 11 trillion operations every second, thanks to the 16-Core Neural Engine.

This makes many applications to intelligently make some changes in them to suit its user.

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Until now you must have known that Apple M1 chip extends the battery life as it uses less power. But there is another hero that supports the processor to manage the power, which is macOS Big Sur.

It automatically determines which application or task needs more power and which can work with even less battery.

This is the reason why MacBook Air and MacBook Pro can run for around a day in movie playback and about 17 hours of wireless web browsing.

Advantages of Apple M1 Chip

  • Responsive system
  • Faster App loading speed
  • Cleaner system animations
  • Doing heavy tasks is smoother
  • Runs more apps
  • Uses less battery power
  • CPU and GPU performance has increased
  • Higher video and image processing speed
  • PC performance has raised
  • Advanced security
  • Can run iPhone and iPad apps

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