Best Productivity Apps For Android in 2022

Productivity Apps

If you’re here, it means that you’re searching for the best productivity apps of android in 2022. Smartphones are a boon to human civilization because they can open a gateway to unlimited knowledge.

If you’re not taking 100 percent advantage out of it, you’re in a great loss.

People think that mobiles kill their time and decrease there productivity, but it can be used positively to enhance their knowledge and utilize there time effectively for the betterment.

There are some best productivity apps for android in 2022, which we’re going to talk about in this article. So let’s begin.

1) Todoist

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Todoist is an application used by millions of people to save and manage their everyday tasks.

You can set reminders and collaborate with friends and colleagues for a project. Important jobs can be placed on the top priority list.

You can sync the app with other devices like smartwatches, Alexa, or smart bands.

It can be even downloaded on PC with the help of android emulators-Bluestacks, LDPlayer, GameLoop, etc.

Todoist has made keeping an eye on habits more easily. Besides, you can also share your daily tasks with others.

Although the app is available for free on Playstore, to unlock some advanced features, you’ll have to upgrade it to a premium version by just paying $29.99 per year, which sounds for a fair deal.

2) RadioPublic

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RadioPublic is an excellent productivity platform that is available for ios, android, and web apps.

It is the perfect replacement for radios that teaches new skills through podcasts.

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RadioPublic is a technology company whose ambition is to provide exceptional tools and platforms for those who seek knowledge.

Likewise, RadioPublic is also a welfare corporation, so they don’t charge for their services.

The app’s openness makes it so unique, meaning you can run your podcasts and reach thousands of people with your voice.

All the episodes are downloadable, and you can even manage them as per your will.

3) Google Docs

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Google Docs is one of the many tools developed by Google. It is a perfect app for writing and editing documents.

After you sign in to your google account, everything that you write will be saved automatically on the Google drive.

The document can be shared with other people, and multiple users can edit the same document simultaneously.

One of the best parts of using this app is that it can detect and correct grammatical and spelling errors.

The writer can also explore a word inside the app and can track their edit history.

There is also an option for the calendar, notes, and tasks. Photos, links, tables, drawings, charts, and many more things can be added to the document.

Google docs is the best free office tool unlike microsoft office that you’ve to pay to use it.

4) ATracker

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Time tracking has been made easy by ATracker.

With this application’s help, you can manage and record the time that you spend while working, gaming, exercising, reading, social networking, or doing housework.

This app automatically creates a pie chart representing the work you did and the amount of time you spent doing it in a day.

You can set and analyze your goals daily or weekly, which will give you an idea of the activity you do the most.

A specific color and theme can be used for a task to make it look different from others.

Even though it is free to download and use, you may have to pay (about $4.99) for premium features like zero ads, unlimited tasks, and data export.

5) Headspace

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After a long, busy, and hectic day all you need when you hit the bed is Headspace.

This app is capable of reducing stress in your life. When you don’t feel asleep, you can play sleep music tracks and listen to storytelling with calm voices.

And, if you ever wake up at night, the Nighttime SOS feature will help you get a good sleep.

The company also claims that using Headspace for only ten days can raise happiness by 16%.

Additionally, the app also teaches meditation for focus, anxiety, weight loss, compassion, kids, relaxation, healthy body image, running, walking, sports, etc.

You can give it a shot by starting a free trial and later upgrade to the premium when you find this app useful.

Headspace is one of the best productivity apps for your body, mind, and soul.

6) LastPass

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If you have a habit of forgetting passwords and usernames, no other app can be as useful as LastPass.

This app saves all your passwords and accounts in a safe place, and in case you want to log in to something, it’ll automatically fill the username and password for you.

LastPass also helps you to create more strong passwords and save performance history.

You can log in with your fingerprint, and the app works on almost all devices like PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

This free to use application can also be used to share your passwords with friends or colleagues.

It is free to use the app. However, suppose you want more features, like one gigabyte of file storage, tech support, countless password, items and notes sharing, multi-factor authentication, and desktop fingerprint authentication. In that case, you’ll need to upgrade it to a premium.

7) Dragon Mobile Assistant

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Dragon Mobile Assistant is an application that can perform many tasks using the voice command of a user.

Capable of running in both ios and android, this application lets you write emails, write documents, conduct web searches, and so on.

With this technology, you can customize your device without even touching it.

To enable this free to use the application, you’ll have to set a personalized wake-up word.

It can also identify when you’re moving in a vehicle and automatically enable driver mode.

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