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If you’re considering learning Spanish in Delhi, there are several options to consider. In this article, we’ll talk about two options: oracle international language institute and Instituto Hispania. While both are great options, there are some differences in each. For example, the intermediate level includes a total of 150 hours of class, with 50 hours at one level and 100 hours at another. This course also includes placement sessions, counseling, and virtual live-streaming classes.

Oracle international language institute

Oracle international language institute is one of the most reputed and best Spanish institutes in Delhi. It offers a wide variety of language courses for students of all levels, and its bilingual faculty has a wide range of teaching experience. Its courses are divided into different levels of language proficiency and cover all the tenses, expressions, and conversational skills. The institute was founded on the 28th of October 2008 and is located in New Delhi. The mission of the institute is to create a Latin world in India and to educate people in the language. It is associated with the embassies of Peru and Bolivia and has a well-qualified faculty who can teach you Spanish. The institute offers Spanish language courses in Delhi for 10 levels of proficiency, each lasting about two to three months.

The Spanish language is an important part of modern life, and you can learn it with the right Spanish institute in Delhi. The institute offers classes in Delhi and online. Its classes are designed to help you improve your language skills while increasing your confidence. The institute also offers courses for students who want to learn the language for travel. Its courses will help you pass the DELE exam administered by the Spanish embassy and prepare you to study in Spain.

The oracle international language institute is the only Spanish language institute in Delhi that is authorized to conduct the Spanish DELE exam. Whether you’re aiming to learn the language for business or pleasure, the courses at this institute are designed to make you a fluent speaker in Spanish. Moreover, the institute’s Spanish courses are structured to give you a diploma once you have successfully completed the course.

The Spanish Institute of Delhi also offers courses that prepare you for a career in Spanish. The school has certified teachers and offers international certifications for language proficiency. It also provides job placement and personalized services to its students. The school also offers specialized courses in tourism, business, and technical Spanish. It is accredited by the FIDESCU, and its teachers are native speakers. The institute has a friendly and caring staff and ensures a stress-free learning environment.

Students can choose from the intermediate and advanced levels. The intermediate level course involves 150 hours of class time. Then, students move on to the advanced level. This level consists of two levels, B1 and B2, with 50 hours at each level. The advanced level course includes virtual live-streaming classes and native language teachers.

If you are looking for an affordable and top quality Spanish language institute in Delhi, there are many options available. The DU campus is an excellent option for part-time courses. There are also a variety of Spanish language courses at other colleges and universities in Delhi. These courses will help you build your language skills while learning about the Spanish culture.

oracle international language institute is a worldwide nonprofit organization that was established by the Spanish government in 1991. Today, it is the largest organization in the world promoting the Spanish language. Courses offered at oracle international language institute include general Spanish and special Spanish courses.

There are many Spanish courses in Delhi, but the choice can be overwhelming. It is important to choose the right institute for your needs. There are literally dozens of Spanish language schools in Delhi, so choosing the right one for your child is essential. A good Spanish institute in Delhi will help you learn Spanish fluently and confidently.

To choose the best course, you should do a little research. Check the costs and eligibility criteria. After narrowing down your choices, you should apply. The application forms for each course are open for a limited time period, so make sure to find out all the details well in advance.

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the world and is the national language of 21 countries. Learning Spanish can help you increase your chances of securing a job in the tourism industry or foreign relations. There is a growing demand for skilled individuals who can speak Spanish fluently.

Instituto Cervantes offers DELE certificate examinations for students who have completed their courses. These are the official certificates of the Spanish Ministry of Education, and can be used to prove proficiency in Spanish. The DELE exams are taken on paper and take a period of three months. The result is usually available within three months, and successful candidates are sent their diplomas through regular post.

Instituto Hispania

Instituto Hispania is an established institution that offers courses in Spanish language. The institute offers courses ranging from beginner to advanced level. It offers international certifications, tailored packages, and job placement. Moreover, the staff comprises native Spanish speakers with a proven track record. Students can enroll in its classes seven days a week and take advantage of its flexible schedule.

Instituto Hispania has been providing Spanish language education to students in Delhi since 1997. Over the years, it has trained more than 300 local language teachers and brought 150 foreign language speakers to India to teach the language. Since then, the institute has taught more than 50,000 people in Spanish.

Located in Mukherjee Nagar, the Institute of Spanish Studies offers intensive Spanish language courses. The curriculum emphasizes language acquisition while also building self-confidence. It also provides students with travel guides and translations. The institute also trains students for the DELE exams, administered by the Spanish Embassy. These exams will allow students to travel to Spain for further study.

Mundo is a Spanish language school in Delhi that focuses on culture and literature. It offers courses for beginner to advanced levels and covers all tenses and expressions. Mundo has been around for over eight years and is affiliated with the embassy of Peru and Bolivia. Its teachers are highly trained and experienced. It offers Spanish courses in Delhi for 10 levels and each course lasts for two to three months.

Located in South Delhi, Instituto Hispania is convenient for many people. It’s in an established neighborhood, within walking distance of the nearest metro station. Students can also access it from both the West and East ends of the city. They can also take their Spanish language courses online if they’re interested. The center also offers weekend classes.

Instituto Hispania was the first private Spanish language institute in India and has excellent classes. Its reputation for offering quality education has led to its status as the best Spanish institute in Delhi. Furthermore, it’s also affiliated with FIDESCU and offers D.I.E (Diploma Internacional de Espanol) examinations.

Investing in a quality language education is an excellent way to boost your resume. It will also help you land better jobs. Several companies and institutes are looking for experienced individuals who can speak Spanish fluently. It will open up many career opportunities in areas like translation, interpreting, travel, audio-video transcription, and many other fields.

The curriculum at Instituto Hispania is divided into eight levels, and the study time varies. A weekday course takes two to three months, while a weekend course lasts five or six weeks. Students are tested at the end of each level with a written exam and short oral examination. Additionally, Instituto Hispania offers custom courses, individual lessons, and E-Learning.

The language teaching approach at Instituto Hispania is based on the communicative approach. It focuses on a strong grammatical foundation and makes learning engaging. The courses use diverse conversation topics and engaging mediums, including games and group activities. The trainers also use colloquial language and expressions that are common in countries where Spanish is widely spoken. By the end of the course, students are well equipped with speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Besides being a fun and educational experience, learning Spanish is the perfect way to travel the world. The language is official in over 20 countries, including most countries in Latin America and Central America. In addition to this, it is also the third most spoken language.

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