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While the world is moving towards digital, the need for cybersecurity is increasing rapidly. From an individual to an organization, everyone needs security from cyber-threats.

So to protect yourself from these cyber attacks, you’ll need to know everyday news about hacks and data breaches that happen in the world. So, where can you get all those necessary information to be ready for any threat?

Here are the lists of best website for cyber security news that you may find useful.

1) CSO

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CSO, whose copyright is with IDG communications, is cybersecurity news, events and research company which provides the latest information about almost every aspect of cybersecurity like risk management, network defence, fraud, data loss prevention and many more.

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Its editors are from different nations like the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and India, which means you can get technology news from different parts of the world almost instantly.

2) The Hacker News

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The hacker news, which was founded in 2010, is the favourite website of IT professionals, enthusiasts, hackers, technologists because it is a leading technology media.

It provides knowledge to the people about the best way to use the internet safely. It offers information about data breaches, cyber attacks, vulnerabilities and malware.

They also conduct yearly meetups in a city of India in Delhi to share each other’s thoughts and ideas.

3) Dark Reading

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Dark Reading is one of the most famous and renowned cybersecurity news websites in the world.

It is a website where many IT experts, hackers and other individuals come to learn the latest news about security threats and technology trends.

It is also used to learn about defending one’s from possible threats in future. They do not only provides the latest cybersecurity news, but it can also be used to interact, share problems or solutions with other genius minds.

4) E Hacking News

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With over 108,000 fans on Facebook and 101,000 followers on Twitter, E Hacking News provides the latest information about cybersecurity, malware, vulnerabilities and exploits, cybercrime, mobile security and data breach.

With a team of skilful reporters, from different countries (mostly from India), the main goal of this website is to create awareness among people about cybersecurity.

5) Infosecurity Magazine

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Being in the industry for over ten years, the Infosecurity magazine has created many awards winning editorial content by providing cybersecurity knowledge.

It is one of the trusted websites to learn about technology news. They have also created a webinar channel, white papers, podcasts, events and conferences to educate people and make them capable of defending against various cyber threats.

6) Help Net Security

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Help Net Security is a website which is devoted to providing skilful knowledge about information security for almost 22 years.

It has gained its name by providing information about various topics. And they also contributes to the spread of knowledge on cybersecurity, by giving expert analysis, by offering reviews on various topics, by hosting events, through whitepapers and with the help of technical media.

7) Threatpost

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The threat post is said to be one of the trusted websites on providing knowledge about IT and business security by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, USA Today and National Public Radio.

The editors of the threat post manage to create excellent content which is an excellent source of information for many people who’re seeking knowledge on cloud security, hacks, mobile security, web security and many more.

With over 191.6K followers on twitter, it makes the information more productive by creating videos and podcasts.

8) SC Media

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The SC Media which was launched by HayMarket Media, Inc, is a cybersecurity media. It was founded in 1990 and SC media has strengthened itself in these many years, and in the last ten years, it has able to grab 40 renowned awards.

You’ll find all the information that you’ll need to defend against cyber-attack from their website, magazine, live events or in-depth features.

9) Bleeping Computer

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Bleeping computer is a website which provides news about the latest security threats.

A considerable number of people visit this website for the latest news on cybersecurity.

Additionally, Bleeping Computer, which has been working efficiently since 2004, also provides tutorials for the user to help them tackle different computer-related problems by them self.

Their main goal is to create an environment where people from different parts of the world could gather and share their technical problems and ideas to solve the problem.

They also want to educate people about the basics of computers to such an extent that people could easily explain the issues that they’re having with their device.

 10) ZDNet

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ZDNet is a technology news website which was established on the 1st of April 1991.

It assists the people who want to learn about cybersecurity. Every month around 36 million users visit this website to get information about, business IT guides, computer security, innovative ideas, etc.

Likewise, ZDNet has the most significant software library on the internet, and most of them are free to download. This software is also available for Mac, mobile phones and windows.

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