Build A Better Academic Writing Style for a Problem-Solving Essay

Build A Better Academic Writing Style for a Problem-Solving Essay

The academic writing styles vary from person to person as their skills and thinking perspectives are different from one another.


The problem-solving essays are a combination of arguments and justifications that sums up to give a result (Priyatni and Martutik, 2020). The students are constantly asked to improve their skills, and attitude and capture the style that can be effective for them in the future. Similarly, writing style improvement also has a major role in writing the problems solving essays successfully. There are students who seek out for Best Thesis Writing Services to write their essays, and thesis and get their grades. Writing a thesis does not mean just rushing over words (, 2022). However, there are different steps and procedures that can be used for improving the academic writing skills of students.

Some key points are given under!

Use active voice

The students are often observed to use passive voice in their essays which makes the essay difficult to read and understood. The use of active voice is not only clear, but it also delivers the clear meaning of the sentences to the readers (de Bourbon, Gomez, and San Juan, 2022). Such as the writing style used in the Sociology thesis help is very critical and uses active voice for making an argument that makes it simple and easier to read and understood. For example;

Active voice: I will clean the house every Saturday.

Passive voice: The house will be cleaned by me every Saturday.

It is clearly observed that the active voice is clear and is making sense as well as easier to be understood. On the other hand, the sentence written in the passive voice is more critical and is making the message more complex to be understood. Therefore, it is recommended to use an active voice while writing academic essays

Focus on sentence structure

The sentence structure is one of the most important aspects that are necessary for delivering the complete message. It has been observed that if the sentences are not structured properly and it lacks in delivering the right message and fails to complete the problem-solving essay. However, the use of the right sentence structure can be effective for delivering the message and ensuring that the essay is written in the right format that has also answered all the questions. The right sentence structure can be understood better and can also support the arguments made in the discussion.  

Avoid repetition

Repetition reduces the attention of the readers!

If the essay is written where the same piece of information is repeated in each sentence, it creates a lack of interest for the readers and also loses their interest in the written essay. The unique information that is delivered in the essay gives the complete message to the readers and allows them to pay attention to it. However, information being repeated just creates excessive use of words without any information being delivered. Therefore, it is the key point for academic writers to design the structure of the essay before doing the write-up where each piece of information is delivered properly. An example of a repetitive sentence is given as under;

Repetitive sentencesAvoiding repetition
Tourism is the key source of economic activity as it allows countries to increase their GDP and create more employment opportunities. Tourism can help in creating jobs and earning money from activities.Tourism is the key source of economic activity as it allows countries to increase their GDP and create more employment opportunities. Tourists are attracted to tourist sites that increase opportunities for businesses and trade. 

    The two sentences written above have the same meanings but are written in different manner. The sentence on the right side is way too clear and is having no repetitions which make it more attractive for the readers. However, the sentence on the left side is very plain and is also using sentences of the same meanings again and again.  

Be concise

While writing problem-solving essays, it is imperative for the writers to express their arguments in a concise manner that can present each argument in such a way that can present the arguments effectively. The sentences written in a detailed manner would not only difficult to be read but will also increase the chances of the sentences being vague along with having grammatical errors. Therefore, the sentences need to be short and shall also include proper meaning to the arguments.

Critical writing style 

The problem-solving essays need to be written critically. The essays written in descriptive writing style do not achieve the desired results and also fail to add arguments specifically to answer the essay questions. For example;

  1. Tourism activities help in increasing business activities and require the utilization of natural resources. It also requires to import of more resources from other countries if required. (Descriptive sentence)
  2.   Tourism activities help in increasing business activities; however, it requires the utilization of natural resources that can be challenging for the country. Similarly, it can also affect the country’s wealth if the resources are supposed to be imported from other countries. (Critical sentence).

Hence, the meaning is clear for the above two sentences that have provided the arguments in different manners. The problem-solving essays need to be written critically which can give meaning to the sentences and can present the arguments using the positive and negative points to build a healthy argument.

All the above points are necessary to be adopted by academic writers while writing problem-solving essays that can be more effective and can allow them to achieve better grades. 

Persuasive Writing Style

Writing a persuasive essay does not have to be as difficult as you may make it out to be, which is something else you might want to consider. Take a minute to consider that the writing style is really an expansion of the research essay. In both cases, you must choose a specific topic, conduct research on it, and then write your paper.



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