Can Snapchat Detect Screen Recording? Here’s Everything We Know

screen recording


Can Snapchat detect screen recording? If you are asking this question then the answer is yes. This detection works correctly on iOS as compared to Android but there’s no need to worry about getting caught because we’ll never tell anyone else other than your best friend (and maybe mom).

Can Snapchat detect screen recording??

Snapchat detects,

  • Screenshot of Snap, no audio.
  • Snap screen recording with audio.
  • Screenshot of chats.

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Screen Recording with iPhone: Don’t do it!

Snapchat detects screen recording with iPhones. If you are planning to use your iOS device for Snapchat then don’t record video calls. The reason for this is because out of the box, iOS doesn’t allow apps to record videos of other apps by default but if you jailbreak your iPhone then there are many tweaks available that let you record any app’s on-screen content on iOS devices.

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Screen Recording with Android: Yes!

If you have an Android phone and looking forward to using it for Snapchat recordings, go ahead. There are several screen recording applications available in Google Play Store which will help you do that without any problems. However, some sites suggest that Android can detect screen recording as well but they are just plain wrong. Don’t trust them!

So, the answer to the question “Can Snapchat detect screen recording” is YES but with a catch. If you are using an iPhone then don’t record any videos but if you have an Android phone then go ahead and record away. Just make sure that you don’t tell anyone about it because they might not be too happy about it. 🙂

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