CG Telecom Fiber Internet – A Crazy Truth You Have To Know (Since 9 Years)

CG Telecom Fiber Internet

Before we begin the truth about CG Telecom Fiber Internet Let’s see some basic thing. As of today, there are only two main telecom services in Nepal: NTC and Ncell. While NTC(Nepal Telecom) is runned by the government, the Ncell is a private company which is the child of Axiata group.

If you’re a Nepalese then you might know how expensive voice calls and data packs are in Nepal. According to ITU, around 1.8% of one’s PCI is paid by Nepalese for buying voice and data packages.

So, Binod Chaudhary, owner of CG group, had a vision to provide telecommunications services across the country. Unfortunately, his request to grant a unified license was denied by the government. This compelled him to move his focus to the cable internet.  

The rise of CG Telecom Fiber Internet

The work for construction of important infrastructures for setting up the CG Telecom has already started. CG is currently installing optical fibers and wants to debut in the market with a bang. Some sources suggest that the company is setting up a datacenter in Satungal where more than one fourth of the construction work has already been finished.

As per few websites, the company has arranged to bring fiber internet into specific places including Satungal. The service will be fully operational in these places in the next five to six months. Furthermore, for providing the service, CG is purchasing Optical Line Terminal, routers and Point-to-Point Fiber connection.

Why is the license not being granted?

In order to launch the mobile services and get the GSM and CDMA license, the operator will need a unified license. After the news released about CG stepping into the telecommunication business, some had even compared it with Mukesh Ambani’s JIO. If it was not for the license, we would have already gotten 5G internet in Nepal

Chaudhary Group has been fighting for the license since 9 years but according to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) chairperson Digambar Jha the company is unable to fulfill many essential requirements.

There have also been disputes between the government and the company over paying the license fee. The company had also promised to pay $200 million in installments for the license. But the government wants them to pay the money in advance.

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As CG disputed over this topic claiming that Doorsanchar Ain allows it to do so. The government didn’t give permission to the company to import gadgets for setting up the business. The license was rejected not only because CG refused to pay the money, but also because “it was unable to expand limited mobility services in eastern region of Nepal”, says the NTA.


Having said that, CG is still continuously trying to grant a unified license. This proves that Binod’s dream of running a telecommunication business has only halted but not ended. But as of now, it will be running the ISP business.

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