Dual Citizenship: What You Should Know

Understanding the stipulations and criteria involved in obtaining dual citizenship and fastest second passport can truly be the principal obstacle for many. It is for this reason that the expertise of an immigration professional such as WINVESTED can be paramount in successfully getting authorized citizenship by investment. Some serious questions must be answered first in order to get started.

Dual Citizenship – In Brief

Dual citizenship, or dual nationality, is when a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time. Each country varies in its rules of citizenship, so what makes you eligible to be a dual citizen varies from place to place. Sometimes, it arises normally, as when a child born in a foreign country to American parents may be both a U.S. citizen or might be a citizen of the country in which they were born.

What Is Meant By Having Dual Citizenship?

Multi citizenships occur since citizenship, naturalization, and immigration policies are distinct in each country. Although you can be a citizen of more than one country at once, you can also be a citizen of no country at all. In addition, residency and immigration regulations can be subject to modification. After going through the correct process, or after policy changes in either country, a person who was once deemed not to be a citizen of a foreign country in which they are a resident can finally claim dual citizenship.

How Do You Get Dual Citizenship?

  • Although it differs from country to country, in the following respects, multiple citizenship is most widely established:
  • At least one parent, which is called jus sanguine, is a citizen;
  • The individual had actually been born on the soil of the country;
  • The person marries someone who is a national of the land, called jure matrimony
  • The person goes through the naturalization process, which is the formal acquiring of citizenship
  • The individual has been adopted from another country as a minor and has at least one (adoptive) parent who is also a resident

Citizenship may be given in certain countries if the applicant contributes enough money to the government. Austria, Cyprus, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Dominica are amongst these nations.

Can You Lose Citizenship?

Deliberately,  in some countries, once you actually apply for dual citizenship in another country, it is likely to forfeit your citizenship. Although it can be renounced, if you apply for international citizenship on your own free will .


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