How Can I Earn Money From Youtube In Nepal (2022)?

earn money from youtube

A simple question that a lot of people ask is how can i earn money from Youtube in Nepal. Well there are many ways but you will need to be eligible for earning even a single penny from this platform. The criteria for getting ads on Youtube is by having a minimum 1000 subscribers and 4 thousand watch hours.

1) Through AdSense (Best way to earn money from youtube)

The basic way to make money on Youtube is through AdSense. Every monetized youtube channel will have ads on their videos and if thousand people watch that advertisement then youtube will provide the Youtuber a certain amount of money.

How much the youtuber is going to be paid will depend upon CPM (Cost Per Mille or Cost Per Thousand) and the CPM varies from country to country. CPM is the money paid by the advertiser to the content creator for 1000 ad impressions.

The CPM is highest in Maldives (about USD15. 47) which means that youtubers of Maldives get $15.47 when thousand people watch the ad on their video.

While this may sound like a small amount of money but imagine how much a person with millions of views will earn. As per Nepal, the CPM  is only about $1.02.

2) Patreon or Donation

Most of the content creators have fans or subscribers who pay them a certain amount of money every month for gaining access to early videos or behind the scenes or having a chat/video call with the youtuber.

Many youtubers also do this by making a discord community on youtube. And those who pay can get a subscription to the community.

You may have seen people donating money in a Youtube channel. That’s also another way to fill your pockets. Basically it’s like throwing away a couple of dollars to a person for showing your support.

Many youtubers like Carryminati, Manny Gaming, 4k Gaming Nepal, SlayyPop use donations to raise money.

3) Advertising a product

Initially film celebs, singers and athletes were seen promoting a product. But with increasing popularity of youtubers fanbase, they are also called to promote a product.

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Product advertisement is a way that assists them to make millions. It also helps to increase the popularity of a youtuber as those companies will telecast ads on tv or put hoarding in different cities.

For a single ad the person can ask for a big chunk of money. One example is Bhuwan Bam endorsing multiple brands like Arctic Fox, Beardo, Lenskart, Mivi, Tasty treats, and Tissot.

4) Brand promotion

When you see a popular youtuber making a video specifically about an app or a product. That is called brand promotion.

This type of brand deals pay more than AdSense and it is one of the biggest sources of income of youtubers. The payment will depend upon the popularity of your channel and how big the brand is. Usually you are paid on lakhs.

How much can we earn from Youtube ?

Well the answer is there’s no limit for how much you can make from Youtube but the highest paid Youtuber 2020 are two brothers duo named Vlad and Niki.

It is said that they make the revenue of $312,312 per video. And according to a report, Vlad and Nikki have made $138 million dollars from their channels. That amount of money is huge.

Speaking of Nepal, nobody could have ever been able to earn like Vlad and Niki but there are a few Youtube channels who may start earning millions in the next few years.

Below is the list of largest Youtube channels in Nepal 2020 with estimated earnings.

RankChannel NameNo. of subscribersEstimated annual earnings in NPR
1.OSR Digital3.86 millionRs.14330000 – Rs.226330000
2.Music Nepal5.3 millionRs.13425000 – Rs.214400000
3.Budha Subba Digital4.4 millionRs.9053000 – Rs.143000000
4.Highlights Nepal4.18 millionRs.7750000 – Rs.131035000
5.The Cartoonz Crew2.12 millionRs.7000000 – Rs.112060000
6.Kantipur Tv2.05 millionRs.5705000 – Rs.91390000
7. News24 Nepal2.23 millionRs.3730000 – Rs.59500000
8.The Voice of Nepal1.58 millionRs.2050000 – Rs.32800000
9.Naya Naya News Nepal1.81 millionRs.1822000 – Rs.29137000
10.Tattato Khabar2.08 millionRs.1300000 – Rs.20900000

Note: There may be other channels with more earning but they have less subscribers than the channel mentioned above. 

Those were big production houses or brands but what about earning of individual youtubers in Nepal?

Top 10 highest paid Youtubers in Nepal 2020 with their subscriber-count.

RankChannel NameNo. of subscribersEstimated annual earnings in NPR
1.Alish Rai538kRs.1775000 – Rs.28410000
2.4k Gaming Nepal624kRs.1620000 – Rs.25980000
3.Pokhrel Kushal189kRs.1608100 – Rs.25647000
4.Ming Sherpa778kRs.1560000 – Rs.25063000
5.James Shrestha757kRs.1048000 – Rs.16820000
6.Sisan Baniya474kRs.702800 – Rs.11257000
7.Nepali Prank Minister718kRs.524000 – Rs.8362000
8.Chetan Vlogs529kRs.322000 – Rs.5051000
9.iamsega1.14 millionRs.202500 – Rs.3300000
10.BiKi RoasTer415kRs.190000 – Rs.3109000


  1. The above chart is only for reference and the actual earnings may vary on the basis of dollar price in rupees, views and CPM.
  2. The Youtubers are rated on the basis of revenue rather than subscriber count.
  3. There is a difference between the highest paid and highest subscribed channel. A youtube channel with 1 million subscribers might have less earning than another channel with 500k subscribers.

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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.

1) Who is the highest paid Youtuber in Nepal?

Well as per our research, Alish Rai is the highest paid Youtuber in Nepal with an estimated yearly salary of Rs.1775000 – Rs.28410000. Alish Rai makes videos on many daily life topics, like comedy, pranks, dance, and vines, so he is able to gain the subscriber count of about 538k.

2) Who is the most subscribed individual Youtuber in Nepal?

With over 1.14 million subscribers in Youtube, Sagar Gurung aka Sega has the largest subscriber count in Nepal. Sagar uploads short videos, cover songs, challenges, travel vlogs and many more in his Youtube channel u0022iamsegau0022.

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