EpicCare EMR and Clinicient Insight EMR Top Features List and More

If you’re looking for an EMR, you’ll find that Epic EMR and Insight EMR both offer many features that make them worth considering. These include improved patient safety, improved data tracking, and a Cloud-based system. If you’re a mid-sized healthcare organization, you might want to start with Epic EMR. Its flexibility and cloud-based capabilities make it easy to add new features, depending on your needs.

Enhanced patient safety

With Epic, your patients’ health and safety are your top priority. This integrated health management system includes registration, patient scheduling, billing, and clinical information. While other EHRs may have a few different modules, only Epic combines these functions. Additionally, it allows for seamless integration with external systems.

Epic is built to handle huge volumes of operational data, and it includes dashboards that let you see critical metrics in real-time. This information can help you make better decisions. For example, you can track bed capacity, turnaround time for cleaning, and patient transport times. It also enables you to track quality and safety indicators.

EPIC has a strong foundation for healthcare organizations, with high-quality raw data, fast reporting, and auto-analysis. However, there are some hidden costs and inefficiencies associated with this health information management solution. Moreover, it requires a significant amount of data entry, which reduces agility. Furthermore, it can be frustrating for busy medical practitioners.

Improved data tracking

Epic EMR is a popular choice for ambulatory care providers and acute care facilities. The EMR platform helps track data from almost 200 million U.S. patients, which is a huge amount. This information can support analytics at a massive scale. However, the data entry process is time-consuming and prone to mistakes. As a result, physicians and other healthcare professionals feel stressed out while using the system.

Epic’s new Life Sciences program is designed to help healthcare providers improve access to clinical trials and research development. In the initial phase, it focuses on clinical trial matching. This will help accelerate the development of new drugs and therapies. The software’s purpose-built Cosmos database will help researchers find the right patients for the right clinical trials. The system will also automate data flow within the EHR and reduce duplication of workflows. This will improve the quality and accuracy of data and inform medical service adjustments.

Another feature of Epic EMR and Insight EHR is its improved data tracking. This software is capable of tracking all of a patient’s medical history. It also provides the provider with a holistic picture of the patient’s health. It allows healthcare providers to identify patients more easily and monitor them for improvement.

Improved employee engagement

Epic was looking to improve employee engagement by making their new hire experience more personalized and connecting. It also wanted to streamline its onboarding process and save time. Since new hires typically start four to twelve months after they are hired, a personalized onboarding experience was essential to fostering employee engagement.

While EpicCare EMR is not the only EHR provider, it has several unique advantages. For example, its data exchange platform doubled in the past year from one million transactions a day to two million per day. This is a significant boost for any company. It also makes it easy for employers to track and manage employee data.

Employees who work in healthcare organizations are more likely to be engaged if they feel appreciated and valued. Self-service scheduling can increase patient satisfaction and reduce no-show rates. It also improves physician workflows, which means better care for patients and improved operational efficiency for health systems.

Cloud-based system

The Epic EMR is an open-source EHR system with HL7 compliance. This allows records to be shared with other EHR systems that use these same standards. It also has a number of modules that cater to different needs. For example, an in-patient care module lets in-patients interact with their care team via a patient portal. In addition, the Epic EMR is available on mobile devices and supports dictation. Moreover, it can centralize clinical, operational and financial data.

An Epic EMR cloud-based system is not installed in-house, and it would have taken at least 24 months to do so. US Signal, the hosting provider of the Epic EMR, provided single-tenant hosted private cloud infrastructure. The company also provided a list of approved platforms that would allow it to roll out the system. This would have shortened the implementation timeframe for Pine Rest.

The Epic system contains all kinds of modules, including analytics, clinical trials, and mobile applications. This cloud-based system is a complete medical information solution for hospitals. It has proven to be an invaluable asset in improving efficiency and productivity. Additionally, the system also helps in improving ROI.


Clinicient’s Insight EMR billing and practice management software was developed with outpatient therapy practices in mind. It integrates clinical and financial data for better workflows, payment turnaround time, and less error. The software includes customizable charting templates, automated coding and charge capture capabilities, and letter templates for physician communications.

Insight EMR billing and practice management software integrates with Physiotec HEP, a clinical EMR for outpatient rehab centers. The solution’s customizable features allow therapists to easily add and update patient information while improving clinical outcomes. The solution eliminates two-thirds of busywork and helps therapists focus on their patients.

Patient engagement

The Clinicient INSIGHT platform combines EMR with revenue cycle management. The combined platform offers best-in-class patient engagement solutions. The two companies will continue to support each other’s customer base and continue to provide other application integrations. Clinicient also plans to maintain its offices in Austin, TX, and Portland, OR.

Clinicient insight EMR integrates practice management, advanced reporting and patient engagement into a single platform for therapists, physicians and patients. The platform helps healthcare organizations manage and improve patient care, boost revenue, and improve the quality of their patient experience. By integrating these functions, Clinicient can help providers meet the unique needs of rehab and physical therapy clinics.

Integration with Keet

Clinicient insight EMRS integration with Keet enables you to view EMR data in your patient’s record. The integration requires two fields to be completed: the EMR ID of the treating therapist and the External ID of the location. The EMR ID of a location is found at the bottom of the Edit Profile menu.

Clinicient insight enables providers to deliver a better patient experience, which leads to better outcomes and lower costs. Both Keet and Clinicient offer technology solutions that help maximize provider revenue in both payment models, while allowing patients to engage in their own healthcare. The combined organization will continue to support a wide variety of other applications for physicians and patients.

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