How Long Can A Smartphone Last? ( With 10 Real Examples )


Did you just get a new phone? Wondering how long it has left on the battery life and if there are any common mistakes that decrease your device’s lifespan. I had the same thoughts! And this article will give you an in-depth guide on how long can smartphone last.

Verdict on How Long Can Smartphone Last

Your phone is getting old, and the battery isn’t what it used to be. A smartphone’s average lifespan can last from 2-4 years before you’ll notice that hardware on your phone has become outdated or even nonfunctional after 3 full seasons have passed without any significant change occurring in either capacity or performance; at about year 4 time starts running out for these devices which would then require another purchase otherwise!

Average Lifespan Of Each Smartphone (According To Brand):

Smartphones in General ( 2 to 4 years ) :

  • iPhone (3-5 years)
  • Samsung  ~ 2 years
  • LG  ~ 1.8 years
  • Motorola ~ 1 year
  • HTC  ~1 year
  • Huawei   — 2 year
  • Pixel – 3 Years
  • One Plus – 2 Years
  • Xiaomi – 3 Years
  • Nokia – 1.5 Years
  • Real Me – 2 Years
  • Oppo – 2 Years
  • Vivo – 1 Year
  • Asus – 1 Year
  • Panasonic – 2 Years
  • Sony – 3 Years

NOTE: These estimations are based on other users’ experiences that I have linked to, some of which also include my own. Please take these numbers with a grain of salt as your results may differ depending upon how sensitive you’re particular body is when it comes time for this type of treatment…

Can A Smartphone Last 5 Years?

Well, it depends. The life expectancy of a phone is 5 years, but the average smartphone is replaced every 23 months.

What’s this mean? This means that if you use your phone every day from now on without skipping a day, for example, 7 am to 11 pm with average usage (checking Facebook and watching YouTube videos), your phone will last for 3 years and 9 months. If you use your phone sparingly, then it’ll last up to 5 years.

What Affects Your Phone’s Lifespan?

There are several factors that affect how long your phone will last. The most common ones are listed below. If you want to keep your phone for as long as possible, try not to do any of the following mentioned things!

  1. Carry Your Phone In Your Pocket Or Use Your Phone For A Long Period Of Time.

– This will cause your phone to overheat.

  1. Exposing Your Phone To Humidity And Temperature Extremities May Damage It.

3 . Charging It On Public Places Without A Surge Protector -You’re at risk of electrocuting yourself if you do this! Try not to use chargers in public places like buses and trains.

  1. Using Your Phone In Direct Sunlight – This reduces its lifespan and damages your screen…..not cool!

5 . Not Protecting It With A Case Or Cover – Remember, a phone is a big investment, covering it is a smart idea!   ***, REMEMBER: If you’re going to use your phone for an extended period of time, be sure to use a phone case and screen protector!

  1. Dropping your phone on hard surfaces:

You don’t have to drop it on concrete to damage the screen. If you drop it on something as simple as a sidewalk, or if you just lay it down and forget about it, the result is still the same: dents and scratches. Dropping your phone can cause damage to internal parts of the phone as well, so it’s always best to be careful.

  1. Leaving your phone in direct sunlight:

Phones generate a lot of heat when they’re in use, and if you leave it in the sun, that heat will only increase. This can result in decreased battery life and potential damage to the internal parts of your phone. Try to keep your phone in a shaded area when you’re not using it, and definitely don’t leave it in the car on a hot day!

  1. Not charging your phone:

This one might seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t charge their phones often enough. Phones that are constantly having to search for a connection can decrease battery life, and if you’re not giving your phone enough juice that it needs, then it’s going to die even faster. If your phone isn’t even lasting half a day without being charged, well… welcome to the harsh reality of owning a smartphone!

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  1. Using faulty chargers:

If you’ve ever seen your phone’s battery percentage drop at lightning speed after using the charger, then that was probably what was causing it. It sounds like common sense to avoid faulty chargers, but people still fall victim to this mistake all the time. If your charger looks anything like this one, cut your losses and run!

  1. Outdated Hardware:

One of the most common reasons for a phone to die is because the hardware is no longer up to date. This can be due to a number of reasons, but usually, it’s because the manufacturer has stopped supporting that model of phone. If you’re having trouble getting updates for your phone or if it’s running really slow, it might be time to upgrade.

  1. Not Getting The Latest Software:

If you’re still using an old version of Android or iOS, then that’s definitely going to decrease the lifespan of your phone. A lot of phones do get their updates late because carriers are slow, but if it seems like your updates are coming too late then maybe you should look into a different phone.

  1. Not Restarting Your Phone:

This one definitely applies to iPhones more than Android phones, but if you don’t restart your phone every once in a while then that’s going to take a toll on the battery life. It’s always good to restart your phone after it’s been unused for a while.

13 . Heat Damage:

If you’ve ever dropped your phone on a hot day outside or in the car, then that heat damage will affect how long it lasts.

8 Easy Tips To Extend Your Phone’s Lifespan

  1.   Preventing Dents And Scratches:

Phones face a lot of wear and tear in their lifetime, so it’s normal for there to be some cosmetic damage. The best way to prevent your screen from getting scratched up is with a screen protector or case. You can even buy tempered glass nowadays that’ll protect your phone perfectly.

  1. Cut Down On Screen Time:

It might sound counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to keep your phone running longer is to use it less often. Your phone generates a lot of heat when you’re using it, and if you aren’t using it at all then the battery life will probably increase by 10 or 20%.

  1. Keep Your Phone Out Of Direct Sunlight:

As mentioned before, phones generate a lot of heat when they’re in use, and if you leave it out in the sun then that heat will become even more intense. This can cause some serious damage to your phone’s battery life and internal hardware, so if possible try to avoid having your phone in the direct sunlight.

  1. Get Accessories That Are Made For Your Phone:

You can never go wrong by using original accessories, so you should definitely get chargers and batteries that are made for your specific phone model. There are some third-party brands out there that might be cheaper, but they aren’t always built to last as long as originals.

  1. Replace Your Battery:

If you’ve been having problems with your battery life for a while then maybe it’s time to replace it! Most people don’t want to do this because they’re afraid that it’ll be too complicated, but nowadays just about anyone can change the battery on their phone without too much trouble. It’s definitely worth trying if you’re desperate.

6 . Shut Down Your Phone When You’re Not Using It:

Even when your phone is turned off it still runs out of battery, so if you can avoid leaving your phone on overnight then that’ll help prolong the lifespan of the battery. Once again, this tip doesn’t really apply as much to iPhones because they have a better battery life than Android phones.

7 . Keep Up With The Latest Updates:

One of the best ways to keep your phone running smoothly is by making sure that you have the latest updates installed. This includes both the software and the hardware, so it’s important to check for updates regularly.

8 . Don’t Overcharge Your Battery:

This one is really easy to avoid, but it can make a big difference in the quality of your battery. Basically, try not to let your phone’s battery run all the way down before you recharge it. Have it charged up when possible and then charge it again after it gets around 50-60% battery life.


So there you have it! If you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your smartphone, then these are some great tips to follow. Just remember that not all phones are created equal, so if you’re having problems with your specific model then it might be time to switch to a different phone altogether. Thanks for reading!

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