How Many Monitors Do I Need For Streaming? [ Complete Guide ]


How Many Monitors Do I Need For Streaming? (Short Answer)

If you want your stream to be 100% centered on your face and nothing else, then one monitor will do. If you want a couple of different angles, for example showing your webcam in one, and the game in another, then two monitors would be ideal. Anything more than that and you may find yourself becoming overwhelmed and cluttered.

Is One Monitor Good Enough For Streaming?

If you only want to show your face when streaming, then one monitor is more than enough. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) has a preview window that will allow you to see what your viewers will see, so you can make sure you’re looking good before going live.

OBS is a great streaming software that allows you to display more than one thing at a time. If, for example, you want to show your webcam and the game you’re playing simultaneously, then you will need two monitors. OBS splits your stream into ‘scenes’ which can be displayed on different monitors, or the same monitor in different layouts. OBS can be set up to only display what you want it to, so if one scene is playing in OBS, no other scenes will show.

OBS also has many ‘sources’ available in the settings menu which include webcam footage and game footage. OBS allows you to position each source wherever you want on your screens. This requires more than one monitor. Therefore, if you are really into streaming it is very important to have at least two monitors.

Tips For Buying A Monitor For Streaming

When buying a monitor for streaming, look out for the following specifications:

1. Look for something with a high refresh rate so your game doesn’t look choppy or laggy.

2. The higher the resolution of the screen, the better! For example, 1440p/144hz would be much better than 1080p/60hz.

3. Get a monitor with as little bezel as possible so you aren’t wasting screen real estate and can fit more on each screen. It also looks much cleaner this way.

4. If you plan to stream from the console (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One), be sure to check your console requirements for streaming first because consoles often require a higher upload speed than your average PC.

If you are on a budget, I would definitely recommend getting one awesome monitor rather than two mediocre monitors.

Ultrawide Monitors Vs Dual Monitors For Streaming

There is a big debate over whether ultrawide monitors are better for streaming than dual monitors. Some people argue that because an ultrawide monitor has a higher resolution than a dual monitor, it is the best option. However, dual monitors have the advantage of being able to show two different scenes at the same time, which can be really useful for certain types of streaming. Ultrawide monitors may be good, but I would definitely try and go dual if you can afford it as it will make things much easier.

Which Monitors Do Streamers Use?

There are many streamers out there, all with different setups who each have their own reasons for using those specific monitors; however, some of the more popular monitors for streaming include:

1. Samsung CFG70 – 144hz Curved Gaming Monitor (21:9 Ratio)

2. Acer Predator XB271HU bmiprz 27-inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) Widescreen Display IPS LED Monitor (16:9 Ratio)

3. Asus MG279Q 27-inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) 165Hz DP HDMI DVI Eye Care FreeSync IPS Monitor (16:9 Ratio)

4. BenQ XL2730Z 144hz Gaming Monitor with 1ms response time and 2560×1440 Resolution, Black Equalizer for total visibility (16:9 Ratio)

5. Acer KG271C 27-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen Gaming Monitor with 144Hz Refresh Rate, FreeSync Technology (1ms Response Time; 16:9 Ratio)

Why Are Two Monitor Setups Better For Streaming?

If you’re like most streamers, you want to give your viewers the best possible experience by having a clean, organized, and professional-looking stream. This is where two monitor setups come into play. By having two monitors, you can display different scenes on each monitor. This is really useful for things such as displaying your webcam and your game footage simultaneously. You can also have chat on one monitor and the game on the other, which makes it a lot easier to keep an eye on what’s happening in the game. Having two monitors also allows you to customize your stream layout to make it look exactly how you want it to.

Some streamers also like to use a secondary monitor for a completely different purpose to their main gaming screen. There are many uses for a secondary monitor, such as displaying music, chat or even Twitter. This allows your stream layout to be more dynamic and interesting while still giving you the opportunity to keep an eye on multiple things at once.

Potential Disadvantages Of Dual Monitors

Dual monitors do have some potential disadvantages, however. For example, having two monitors can often require more graphics power than a single monitor, so you need to make sure your PC is up to the task. Additionally, if you’re not careful, you can end up wasting a lot of screen real estate by using dual monitors. This is especially true if you are streaming with a 16:9 aspect ratio because one of your monitors will likely display black bars.

How Many Monitors Does The Average Streamer Use?

According to some statistics, the average streamer uses either 1 or 2 monitors. I am not sure why there is such a big difference in numbers here – perhaps it’s because there are a few extremely popular streamers that everyone thinks use 3 or 4 monitors, but in reality use two.

Tips When Buying Dual Monitors For Streaming

The Size Of The Monitor Matter: When buying dual monitors for streaming, it’s important to get monitors of a similar size. If one monitor is significantly larger than the other, it will likely be difficult to use them both effectively.

Consider Buying The Same Model: Another thing to consider when buying dual monitors is to buy two of the same model. This will make it easier to set them up and get them working together.

Take Into Account Your Desk Size: Make sure to take into account how much desk space you have before buying dual monitors. If you don’t have enough room, it’s not going to be very useful to have two monitors.

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Are Three Monitors Setup Needed For Streaming??

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using dual monitors for streaming. However, some streamers prefer to use three monitors. The primary benefit of using three monitors is that you have more screen real estate. This can be really useful for things such as displaying chat, your webcam, and the game all at the same time. Additionally, three monitors can often provide a more immersive experience for the viewer.

The downside to using three monitors is that it can often require more graphics power than dual monitors and it can be more difficult to set up. Additionally, some streamers find that they don’t really need three monitors and that two is enough.

What Resolution Is Needed For Streaming?

The resolution that you stream at is mostly up to you, however, if you want to push the best quality for your viewers, streaming at 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixel resolution) or 720p (1280 x 720-pixel resolution) is recommended. This will make it possible for many people to watch your stream without having to upgrade their computer or internet speed.

How Many FPS Do I Need For Streaming?

Frames Per Second (FPS) determines how many images your computer screen will show each second, and it’s measured using Frames Per Second (FPS). If you’re playing a game and you see the frame rate counter in the top right corner of your screen, this is what is being measured. The higher the number, the smoother the game will look.

When streaming, you’ll want to set your stream’s FPS to a slightly lower number than what you’re playing at so that you don’t overload your PC. A good rule of thumb is to set it to 30-60 FPS, which will ensure that your viewers see a smooth stream without any choppiness.

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This number may vary depending on your internet speed and the game that you’re playing. If you’re having trouble with your FPS, try lowering the graphics settings in the game or your PC’s hardware settings.

In conclusion, most streamers find that using dual monitors is the best way to go in order to provide the best streaming experience for their viewers

Make Sure They Are The Same Resolution: If your monitors have different resolutions, it’s likely that one or both of them will not look as good as they could.

The Resolution Of The Monitors Matter: Make sure that the resolution of your monitors is similar as well. This will ensure that you are able to take

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Bottom Line

As you can see, the number of monitors that a streamer uses does not have to be consistent and can actually vary from person to person depending on their personal preference. Make sure you consider all of these factors

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