How to Add A Link On Instagram Bio 2022

To be successful on Instagram, it’s very important to have a grand Instagram bio. After all, this is the main section people check out when they visit your user profile. Unfortunately, Instagram only gives you the ability to use 150 characters to describe yourself in your bio. You might be dismayed that 150 characters are just not enough for your bio.

Thanks to Instagram, users may add links to their Instagram bio. It’s a small but welcome compensation when Instagram limits users to 150 characters in their username. Users can add any external links to provide followers with additional info, as well.

We will show you how you can add the link to your Instagram bio in this article.

Using the Instagram app or the Instagram website, you can link your Instagram bio. We have included instructions on this page for using Instagram to link your bio.

Using Mobile App

You can use this procedure with either an Apple or an Android device.

Step 1: First, launch your Instagram app.

Step 2: Next, tap your profile icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to head into your profile section.

Step 3: Tap the Edit Profile option.

Step 4: locate the Website field and insert the Instagram bio link you wish to add. Either type the URL manually or paste the URL after copying from another source.

Step 5: Click done at the top right description screen if you are using an Android phone. Alternatively, press Done on the top right-hand corner of the screen if you are using an Apple iPhone.

From now on, your website’s link will now appear on your profile below your Instagram bio for anyone who’s operating a public account. If you are operating a publicly viewable profile, people will be able to see your Instagram bio and click the link to your home page. But if your profile is sett as a private profile, only your followers can see your Instagram bio and your web page link.

Using Web Browser (PC)

Step 1: Visit on your device and log in to your account.

Step 2: Click your profile icon at the top right corner of the interface. Then, select the option Settings.

Step 3: Enter the Website name and choose the hyperlink you want to feature in your bio.

Step 4: Locate the Submit option, click on it, then select Submit.

You have added a link to your personal site to your bio.