How to Create a FREE .EDU Email 2022 [ Best Methods ]


In today’s technological world, it is important to have a professional email account that represents you and your academic achievements. Many students don’t realize that they can create a FREE .EDU email account through their school or college website. In this blog post, I will show you how to create your very own .EDU email address, and I will also provide some helpful tips on how to make the most out of your new email account. So take a seat and let’s get started!

Create a free .edu email account [ Normal Method ]

Please follow these steps to get a free Edu email:

The first step to creating your very own .edu email account is to find the link on your school’s website. Usually this will be under an “Online Services” or “Email Settings” tab within the school’s main website, but some schools have begun putting this information under a more general tab labeled “Student Resources.” If you are having trouble finding this information, a quick and easy to locate it is by simply googling: “[name of school] email settings.” When you arrive at your college’s page, look for the “Student Login” section.

2. Check with IT staff

If you are unable to find this information on your school’s website, the next step is to ask Information Technology staff for help. If you are at a large school with an active IT department, it should be easy enough to locate someone who can direct you to the proper steps. At smaller schools or colleges, asking the current student government president, or even the school’s librarian, might be a good idea.

3. Verify your account

After signing up for your free .edu email account with your school, you will most likely receive an email verification message. This is simply to confirm that you are indeed a student at the college or university. Once you read this email, simply follow the link it provides and continue the email registration process.

4. Customize your account

After verifying your .edu email account with your school, you will be ready to start using it! However, before sending out any emails or adding contacts, I would recommend customizing these few settings: [add suggested settings here]

5. Create a custom email address

If you are planning on using your .edu email account for online shopping or social media websites, I would recommend creating a custom “username” to use as your email alias. An email alias is simply an additional email that comes from the same source as your main account. Your username should be unique and easy to remember, but it cannot contain any spaces or symbols. For example, a username could be: . This would then allow you to easily create a unique email alias for use on websites such as Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter by typing:

6. Pick an email theme

The next step is to create a custom email theme for your new .edu account. Your school will provide you with a default theme, but this can easily be deleted and replaced with one of your own. [In Gmail, the current theme is listed under “Themes” in Settings.] A custom email theme can really add a professional touch to your emails when it comes to networking, interviews, or resumes. With a little bit of creativity and some help from Google images, you should be able to find the perfect theme for your needs!

7. Add contacts

Of course, what is an email account without contacts? A good way to start adding contacts is by asking friends and family members who have Gmail accounts if they would mind adding you to their contact list. You could also go a step further and ask them if they have contacts that might be willing to add you as well! If you are planning on using your .edu email account for professional reasons, LinkedIn is a great tool for connecting with other professionals throughout the country.

8. Use your new email address

Now that your account is all set up and ready to go, it’s time to start using it! Your new .edu email address will be a great way to begin networking with professionals and other college students throughout the country. You could also use it as an official school email for filing paperwork with administrators.  Whatever you decide to do, make sure you are using your new .edu account on a regular basis to get the most out of it.

Use edu email to sign up for various websites and services for free:

– account registration requires an email address, which can be the school-provided one

– registration will ask you for your .edu email or username (your choice)

– registration will ask you for your username and password, which are both the same as your school’s provided one

Customer service for websites will be more accessible

– Sending an email through Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc. will have the school’s email signature attached to it; use this to your advantage!

– Senders of emails will see that you are a college student and might be more willing to help you out

Why Create a . Edu Email Address

Many companies provide free services and offer on EDU emails to benefit college students. Schools, as educational institutions or universities receive various offers through these ids that they otherwise would not be able to afford without them.

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Here are the top 5 companies that provide free offers on .edu email:

1. Autodesk

This is a software company that offers free software, including AutoCAD, Maya, 3DS Max, Motion Builder and many more; all for student use strictly on .edu email addresses.

2. Microsoft Office 365

It’s available exclusively to students with an EDU email address through their school or college portal to provide the latest and most up-to-date software and updates for Microsoft products that include:

• Office 365 Pro Plus (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, InfoPath, and Skype for Business)

• Access to cloud storage with 1 TB of OneDrive storage.


Lynda offers you free access to a large library of high-quality courses for their subjects, including computer software and web design. You can use it from any device.

4. Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 & Premiere Elements 14

These are the latest versions of these software programs that offer both photo and video enthusiasts tools to bring out the best in their digital images and videos with the best tools and features.

5. AVG AntiVirus Pro 2015 (for 3 Users)

AVG’s paid antivirus software provides the best-rated malware and virus protection for your PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets; it also includes free online backup for all your photos and videos, access to over 25 GB of secure cloud storage, and a free password manager to keep everything safe.

How to Create .edu Email for Free [ Best Method ]

1. Create a Gmail account

2. Go to Google and search for.EDU domains

3. Find a domain that has not been registered yet and register it with your Gmail account

4. Go to Mail Settings in your Gmail Account, then click on the tab called “Forwarding”

5. In this tab you will see all of the options for forwarding emails from another email address to your new.EDU email address

6. Choose the option that says “Only Forward Messages From My Other Email Address To My New Email Address” or something similar, depending on which one is available

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