How to Fix error 5027 in Call of Duty Mobile? (Simple Fix)

An error code 5027 will appear in Call of Duty for most Mobile gamers, when using a VPN to play the game. Here, you’ll get a remedy to the error 5027 Call of Duty mobile.

If you’re experiencing an error message like “error 5027” when trying to play Call of Duty Mobile, there is a relatively simple fix. First, verify that your device and game are both up-to-date. If not, update your device and then try playing again.

Next, clear your cache and data on your mobile device by pressing the home button and selecting “Settings” followed by “General.”

Finally, try restarting your phone if you still experience errors.

This error 5027 problems is also known by some game users with the game early release, so it can still happen now.

To fix your error 5027 in Call of Duty mobile, turn the VPN off on your mobile device. You are able to deactivate this setting by accessing Network or Connection settings.

In most mobile settings, the standard VPN option can be accessed in the Network & internet or Connection & sharing settings.

Black Ops uses your location to set up a connection to an available video game. So, you can access the game in high-speed as well as excellent condition.

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