How to get free diamond on hay Day in 2022 ?

How to get a free diamond on hay Day?

How to get diamonds on Hay Day easier A tip to earn a lot of diamonds is to reach level 27 and release the boat in the game. There you fish and depending on the weight of the fish, you can earn 1, 2 to 3 diamonds for each of the species.

How do I hack Hay Day?

THERE IS NO WAY TO HACK HAY DAY!!! All these sites that show how to have infinite diamonds, many of them are scams or simply viruses!!! Don’t fall for that of circumventing the hay day system because it’s almost impossible!!

How to make a lot of money on hay day?

It is much more profitable to sell your items in the Roadside Store than to visitors. The same goes for Orders. You’d better drop orders that take a long time or require a large number of items and expect the next one to be easy and instant to respond to.

How to get stuff on hay Day?

Hay Day Tips: How to Earn Farm Expansion Items

  1. Planting and harvesting items: Whenever you’re going to harvest your little plants, you have a chance to receive expansion items as bonuses.
  2. Collecting raw materials from animals: By collecting them, you also have the possibility to earn expansion items as bonuses.

How to get the rural pass on hay Day for free?

The rural pass is available when reaching farm level 11. When the rural pass is released, you can access a path with multiple objectives to be fulfilled. Go along the way to earn incredible rewards and perks!

How to get money in Fazendinha?

Those who want to explore the rural property to obtain source of income, must make a strategic planning of the business to be developed, considering climate, soil, vegetation, economy of the region, customers, products and transportation, among others.

How to earn coins on the farm?

To earn coins, visit your grocery and check out other users’ orders to sell the items. The more complex the products, the higher the sales value, which can be used to invest in your facilities. Keep your planting fields always active so you don’t run out of materials.

How does Tom Hay Day work?

Tom is a non-playable character (NPC) who performs tasks for players…. To hire him, just tap the point where he is next to the road and choose how many days he wants his services:

  1. 1 day service for 15 diamonds;
  2. 5 days service for 60 diamonds;
  3. 10 days of service per 100 diamonds.

They are available at farm level 25 and can be found in the following ways:

  1. In the valley shop;
  2. In the rewards of the race;
  3. On the wheel of luck;
  4. In the special events of the boat;
  5. In the rewards of level milestones;
  6. In the big surprise boxes.

How to collect orders on hay Day?

If you’re trying to place an order, remember to first pick up the items you don’t need from your neighbors in the neighborhood yard. Step out of the orders tab and take a look at the neighborhood courtyard. You’ll see items stacked and ready to be collected. To store these items, you just need to tap them.

How to make infinite money in The Little House?

Complete the missions of the game to level up In Green Farm 3, players receive new missions and challenges constantly. In addition to securing XP to level up and unlock new items, these missions also award bonuses to coins.

What makes the most profit on a farm?

Livestock is one of the most promising sectors in Brazil, and can, even in small areas, bring profits that enable business in small areas! Raising cattle is one of the most valuable economic activities in Brazil, yielding many profits for those who know how to act properly in the sector.

What gives more money on the happy farm?

Try to sell industrialized products, then get more profits in your transactions. For example: plant food for the cow and use its milk to produce cheese. Although having to use your DRs to build a factory, in the short term it will be a good deal.

How to get purple chips on the happy farm?

– There is another way to win purple chips other than just the “Bonita Farm Contest”. – To end the sales limit, we should be able to sell as we wish. – Be able to buy several pieces of the updaters per day and not only 1 per day.

How to hire the tone for free on hay Day?

To hire him, just tap the point where he is next to the road and choose how many days he wants his services:

  1. 1 day service for 15 diamonds;
  2. 5 days service for 60 diamonds;
  3. 10 days of service per 100 diamonds.

What is expansion authorization in the Hay Day game?

Expansion authorizations are items that allow the release of special areas at the bottom of the farm.

What is the scroll on hay Day?

Scrolls are an object class, which will allow us to get bonuses in the game. Among the various scrolls, what interests us most is the extension of licenses. With them we can unlock new areas near our farm, which are on the other side of the road.

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