How to see how long you’ve been on facetime?


When you make a facetime call on the iPhone, iPad or Mac Book it’s not always clear when your facetime call will end. In order to know how long you have been facetime-ing your special friend, family member or colleague, all you need to do is follow these steps:

1) First of all open up the settings app on your iPhone.

2) Then click on “FaceTime” and switch “End with call” from OFF to ON in order to activate this feature.

3) Now find the facetime application in the springboard and click on it. This will take you directly into facetime. You’ll see a small clock in the upper left corner of this screen.

4) Now facetime will start to keep track of how long your call has been going on. Keep in mind that the facetime clock will not start ticking until after you have been connected with the other caller for about 10 seconds.

5) To end your facetime call, just hang up like you would a regular phone call. Your facetime call duration will be automatically added to your iPhone’s “Call History” tab.

The only way to determine the duration of a video call after it has been completed is to access the ‘Phone’ system app after the call has ended. Go to the ‘Phone’ system app once you’ve terminated the conversation. In the recent calls tab, you’ll be able to see facetime duration here.


As you can see facetime duration is an extremely easy thing to check. After activating the facetime end with call option, facetime will automatically start keeping track of your call time and your iPhone’s call history tab will have a facetime section. Just click on this facetime section to find out how long your video conversation has been going on for. Your facetime-ing experience just got a whole lot easier! Enjoy calling!!

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