Is It Worth It To Buy A PS5 Right Now?

Is the PS5 worth buying? It is a question that is on many people’s minds. The console is just too expensive and it is still unclear what games will be coming out for it in the future. Is the PS5 worth buying right now? How this will be for you, depends on two things only: your budget and the games you’re excited about.

1. The PS5 will be a better system than the current generation of consoles:

The first thing that needs to be said is that the PS5 will be better than both the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. The system will have more powerful hardware, which means that it can run games at higher resolutions.

It is unclear what the increase in power compared to the current generation of consoles will look like exactly, but do not expect a 4K resolution like you can get with PC. Since 8K is still too expensive (i.e., the TV), it will be around 4K, maybe 5K. It is possible that games made exclusively for the PS5 will run at this resolution and even higher, but it should be said that consoles usually do not get the most powerful versions of games.

2. Games will look and play better on the PS5, with more realistic graphics:

The PS5 will probably have a better graphics card than the Xbox One, but it is unclear if this is GDDR6 or not. The chip is likely to be AMD’s Navi GPU architecture, which was also used for Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The PS5 will also have a better CPU, which means that it will be able to run games faster. In addition, the system will come with more RAM and additional hardware capabilities for streaming gaming content from your console to your PC.

3. You’ll have access to new games that are exclusive to the console:

The PlayStation 5 will have its own exclusive games that are only available on the new console. While it is unclear which of these titles will come out, a recent leak suggests that they could include “Shenmue 3”, “Psychonauts 2”, and a new Metal Gear Solid game.

4. There’s no need to wait for a price drop because there won’t be one:

The PlayStation 5 will not have a price drop anytime soon, if at all. The current generation of consoles has not had a major price drop or bundle that could be labeled as value for money, so the console comes with an exclusive game and two controllers for $ 400.

If you are looking to buy a new console right now, you’re not going to do better than the PlayStation 5.

5. You can use your old controllers with the new console :

The new console will support older controllers, which means that you can use the PlayStation 4’s dualshock controller with the PS5. Although it is unclear if this also includes more recent models like the PlayStation 4 Pro or the DualShock 5, both of these are likely to work on Sony’s new system.

6. It is worth it because you’ll get much more value from your purchase now rather than waiting for a future date when prices might go down or when newer models come out in 2020-2022 :

You can get a PS5 for $ 400 with two controllers and an exclusive game right now, which is what you would have to pay for just one controller on the current generation of consoles. In addition, there will be more exclusive games that only work on the new console. Thus, it makes sense to buy Sony’s latest console if you can afford it, as you’ll make a lot of savings.

The PlayStation 5 will offer more power and support for older controllers than its competitors. This means that you can use your old DualShock 4 controller with the new console

7) Your gaming experience will only improve as time goes by – you deserve it! :

With the PlayStation 5, you’ll get the latest technology that console gaming has to offer. This means that your games will look and play better than ever before. You deserve it, so treat yourself with a new console!

Even if you just bought a new console recently, there is no reason not to upgrade to the newest version of your favorite brand. Console gaming is a unique experience that you won’t get on PC or mobile, so enjoy the ride!

The PlayStation 5 will have an exclusive game and two controllers included in its $ 400 price point. This makes it a good deal if you’re looking to buy a new console right now

8) You’re going to regret not buying this sooner if you change your mind later about getting one in 2020-2022:

While there is no point in buying a new console if you currently own one, the PlayStation 5 is going to be such an improvement over its predecessor that many gamers might come to regret not buying it sooner. This means that any major price drop or bundle will make them think twice about getting a new system. If this happens and you don’t have a PS5, you’ll be stuck with an old console.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to everyone – some people are fine with their current consoles and give no thoughts about buying a new one for at least another few years. If that’s the case, then just wait for the next generation of PlayStation consoles!


Although this list doesn’t apply to everyone, these are the major reasons why you should buy a PlayStation 5 if you can afford one. Keep in mind that Sony is yet to officially announce anything about its next-generation console, so take everything with a grain of salt for now. However, there are many rumors and leaks that point to an early 2020 launch date for the new console. As of right now, it is best to wait for further information about the PlayStation 5 before deciding whether or not to buy it when it comes out next year.

You should only get a PS5 if you’re ready to join the latest console generation and have enough money to support this kind of purchase!

The PlayStation 5 will have exclusive games and will support older controllers, making it preferable to its competitors. If you can afford one, then now is the best time to buy the new console!

You’ll regret buying a PlayStation 5 if you’re undecided about getting one in 2020-2022. Wait for more information before taking action regarding your new purchase, but you might want to get one now if you can afford it!

The PlayStation 5 will offer more power and support for older controllers than its competitors. This means that your games will look and play better than ever before

Thank you very much for reading my article – I hope you found this information useful!

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