If you’ve ever been confused by an acronym in a text message or social media post, you’re not alone. “ISTG” is a prime example of an acronym that causes confusion for many people. So, what does ISTG mean in texting and social media?

ISTG is a popular acronym that is used often in texting and on social media. It stands for I Swear To God. This phrase is commonly used when someone wants to emphasize how serious they are about something. For example, if someone says “Istg I’m never drinking again” they are likely emphasizing how serious they are about not drinking. This phrase can also be used to show excitement or as a way to express disbelief.

What does ISTG stand for?

“ISTG stands for ‘I Swear To God.”

This is an everyday, mainstream language phrase that is common in people’s everyday lives worldwide. It is highly understandable because it is a commonly used term, even as people try to avoid texting it out by using OMG or Oh My God.

i swear to god explaination

How to use ISTG?

“ISTG can indicate several terms and meanings.”

ISTG may provide support for your statements to make sure that others trust you and what you are saying. ISTG’s slang assists you get closer to your listener, convincing them that your statements are the truth.

Example 1

“ISTG I saw a Spider in my bed today.”

By using ISTG, a recipient may be sure that the expectations set for the sender will be met appropriately, with seriousness and intense consideration given to the receiver s requirements.

Example 2

“ISTG. I will finish my task on the team project at weekend.”

ISTG may also be used to report a threat or issue, such that the recipient takes the warning seriously, does as required, or fails to act when the sender does not like it.

Example 3

“Stop being so annoying like this to me or else ISTG I will break up with you.”

How not to use ISTG?

This word should not be employed either in business or formal environments when attempting to withhold or suggest moral confusion.

ISTG must not be used when in front of religious or spiritual individuals, because they might feel offense by this term’s casual use or misinterpretation.

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