Lei-Lo Tiki Hut “On The Water”

lei-lo tiki hut "on the water"

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water Overview

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water is an American restaurant located in Spring Hill, Florida. According to Yelp, it has received 60 photos and 42 reviews, with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5. It offers a variety of amenities that include meeting inspection standards and accepting reservations, delivery and takeout orders. The restaurant is open from 11:30 AM to 10:00 PM, signally to customers that it has extended hours of operation.

History and concept of Lei-Lo Tiki Hut

Despite its location in a landlocked state, Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water brings the laid-back vibe of a tropical paradise. It was opened in Spring Hill by the current business owner and offers customer-friendly perks like delivery and takeout. It brings a menu of classic American dishes suited to the Florida-tempered tastes, along with customer favourites to make it worth the trip that customers keep coming back for.

Menu and Popular Dishes

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Lei-Lo Tiki Hut Menu Overview

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water serves classic American cuisine, with a tropical twist. Customers can start their meal with appetizers like chicken wings or seafood platters, or opt for tasty sandwiches or salads. For those looking for something more substantial, the restaurant offers main courses like steak and pasta dishes. The menu also features vegetarian and gluten-free options so that every customer can find something that suits their dietary requirements.

Signature drinks and popular dishes at Lei-Lo Tiki Hut

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut offers a range of refreshing drinks that match the tropical atmosphere of the restaurant. Popular drinks include the Painkiller, Margarita, and Mai Tai. But the highlight of the menu has to be the seafood dishes like fish and chips, coconut shrimp, and crab cakes, which customers rave about. The ribs and burgers are also reported to be excellent, impressing even the most seasoned diners. Overall, Lei-Lo Tiki Hut provides plenty of tasty options that are perfect for enjoying alongside the Florida sunshine.

Location and Hours

Address and Contact Information for Lei-Lo Tiki Hut

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water is located at 4417 Calienta St, Spring Hill, Florida. Customers can contact the restaurant by calling (352) 835-7136 or by visiting their Yelp page. The restaurant is situated on the water, providing a unique dining experience for customers who want to enjoy good food and scenic views.

Hours of Operation and Reservations

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water is open from Monday to Sunday, with varying hours of operation. The restaurant opens at 11:30 AM every day, and closes at 9:00 PM on Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. On Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, the restaurant stays open until 10:00 PM. Customers looking to book a table can do so by calling the restaurant directly or booking via their website. The restaurant also offers delivery and takeout services.

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Amenities and Services

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut Amenities and Features

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water is a unique restaurant that offers customers a scenic dining experience. Situated on the water in Spring Hill, Florida, the restaurant provides breathtaking views. In addition to the beautiful location, the restaurant boasts several amenities and features.

Takeout and delivery options, outdoor seating, and more

Customers at Lei-Lo Tiki Hut can enjoy amenities such as takeout and delivery services, which are convenient for those who prefer to dine at home. The restaurant also offers outdoor seating, making it an ideal location for warm weather dining. In addition to these amenities, the restaurant has also met inspection standards and is powered by the Health Department Intelligence, ensuring that customers can dine with confidence in a clean and healthy environment.

Health and Safety Measures

Health Department Intelligence and Inspection Standards

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water has met inspection standards and operates under the supervision of Health Department Intelligence. These measures ensure that customers enjoy safe and clean dining experiences.

COVID-19 safety protocol at Lei-Lo Tiki Hut

The current COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated the implementation of several safety measures at Lei-Lo Tiki Hut. Customers can take advantage of the takeout and delivery options to limit contact with staff and other diners. The restaurant has also implemented floor markers to maintain social distancing and requires its staff to wear masks and gloves during service.

Reviews and Ratings

Yelp Reviews and Ratings for Lei-Lo Tiki Hut

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water has received a 4 out of 5 rating on Yelp, with a total of 42 reviews. Customers have praised the restaurant’s scenic waterfront location and friendly staff, while some have commented on the limited menu options.

Customer feedback and experiences at Lei-Lo Tiki Hut

Customers have shared positive experiences dining at Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water, with many enjoying the laid-back and relaxed atmosphere. Some have reported excellent food quality, particularly recommending the grilled shrimp and mahi-mahi tacos. Others suggest opting for takeout or delivery to avoid potential wait times during peak hours.

Photography and Visuals

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut Image Gallery

Customers interested in seeing the aesthetic beauty of Lei-Lo Tiki Hut On the Water can view the restaurant’s image gallery on Yelp. With 60 pictures available, the gallery offers a glimpse into the ambiance of this unique eatery situated on the waterfront of Spring Hill, Florida. The lively and fun decor of the restaurant, as well as its tropical drinks and appetizers, are displayed in the images posted on Yelp. 

Stunning visuals of the restaurant and its surroundings

In addition, many customers have commented on the stunning visual appeal of the restaurant and its surroundings, particularly during sunset. The vibrant colors of the sky and water blend seamlessly with the decor of Lei-Lo Tiki Hut to create a truly Instagram-worthy backdrop. Many reviewers have shared their photos of the location on social media as a testament to the serene setting and aesthetics of the restaurant.

Team and Community

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut Team Overview

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut boasts a team of friendly staff who have received high praise from many customers on Yelp. Reviewers have noted the exceptional service provided by the team, complimenting their attentiveness and hospitable demeanor. The restaurant also has an active social media presence, allowing patrons to stay updated on menu offerings, events and promotions.

Community involvement and partnerships

Lei-Lo Tiki Hut has established partnerships with local organizations to give back to the community. The restaurant has participated in fundraisers and charity events, supporting causes such as breast cancer research and youth empowerment programs. Additionally, Lei-Lo Tiki Hut has offered discounts to members of the military and first responders as a token of appreciation for their service. These initiatives showcase the restaurant’s commitment to creating a positive impact beyond its doors.

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