Apple Acknowledges NFC Issue with BMW and Toyota Supra Wireless Chargers, Recommends Temporary Solution

Apple Acknowledges NFC Issue with BMW and Toyota Supra Wireless Chargers, Recommends Temporary Solution

Published on October 26, 2023, 3:12 pm

Apple Acknowledges NFC Issue with BMW and Toyota Supra Wireless Chargers, Recommends Temporary Solution

Image source: Fox News

  • TLDR of the Apple article
  • Apple acknowledges a problem with NFC capabilities on iPhone 15 series when used with wireless charging systems in BMW and Toyota Supra vehicles. Users advised not to use wireless charging until a software fix is provided. Other news includes a new ad promoting gaming capabilities of iPhone 15 Pro, rumors of revamped AirPods lineup, an upcoming docuseries by Apple TV+, theft of Apple products from an Apple Store, rumors about low-cost MacBook models, and the persistent Spectre vulnerability.

Apple has acknowledged a problem that can temporarily deactivate the Near-Field Communications (NFC) capabilities of iPhone 15 series devices when used with the wireless charging systems in some BMW and Toyota Supra models. NFC enables iPhones to scan electronic tags attached to real-world objects. Most iPhone users’ primary experience with NFC is using Apple Pay, though digital key car keys and other services also depend on the technology.

According to Apple, there is a small number of wireless chargers included with some BMW and Toyota Supra vehicles that are causing this issue. As a result, Apple has advised customers not to use wireless charging in those vehicles until a software patch is provided.

Users affected by the problem may see a “Could not set up Apple Pay” error message on their device, even if Apple Pay has already been configured. To address this issue, Apple has recommended resetting the NFC chip in the iPhone using Apple Service Toolkit 2, which is a software utility used at Apple retail stores and authorized service providers. If resetting the NFC chip doesn’t resolve the problem, customers can send their iPhone to Apple for hardware repair.

Apple has stated that a software update will be released to fix this issue, but no specific timeline has been provided. The recently released iOS 17.1 update did not address this problem, so users will have to wait for an upcoming release for the solution.

In other news related to Apple products, the company has released a new ad promoting the gaming capabilities of the A17 Pro in iPhone 15 Pro. Additionally, there are reports suggesting that Apple plans to revamp its entire AirPods lineup over the next few years by switching to USB-C and introducing two new versions of the base-level AirPods.

Furthermore, Apple TV+ has announced a three-part docuseries focusing on the murder of John Lennon. There was also an unfortunate incident where five suspects stole approximately $100,000 worth of Apple products from an Apple Store in Burlingame.

Rumors about a low-cost MacBook continue to circulate, with some sources suggesting that Apple may release two new models. However, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that Apple has not yet begun developing a third generation of the Apple Watch Ultra and it is unlikely that one will be released in 2024.

Lastly, despite Apple’s efforts to patch it, the Spectre vulnerability continues to persist. Researchers have demonstrated a new attack vector called iLeakage that utilizes speculative execution.

These updates showcase the ongoing developments and challenges in the world of Apple technology. Users should stay tuned for further announcements from the company regarding software updates, product releases, and security enhancements.

Original article posted by Fox News

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