Apple Crime Blotter: Scams, Kidnappings, and Thefts Plague iPhone Owners

Apple Crime Blotter: Scams, Kidnappings, and Thefts Plague iPhone Owners

Published on October 22, 2023, 11:34 am

Apple Crime Blotter: Scams, Kidnappings, and Thefts Plague iPhone Owners

Image source: Fox News

[ "Several incidents of Apple-related crimes have made headlines:", "- Scam targeting iPhone 15 owners, where scammers pose as Verizon representatives", "- Kidnapping plot in Florida involving mistaken identity and demand for iCloud account access", "- Theft of iPhones at a music festival in Austin, Texas", "- Theft at an Apple Store in Waterloo, Ontario", "- Burglary of alcohol distributor's warehouse with crucial evidence on an iPhone Pro Max 14", "- Homicide case in Pennsylvania solved through tracing ownership of an iPhone left at the crime scene", "- Carjacking in Connecticut traced through tracking capabilities of AirPods and a phone", "- Recovery of stolen items in South Carolina through tracking iPads", "These incidents highlight the ongoing challenges faced by Apple regarding thefts and crimes involving their products.", ],

In the latest Apple Crime Blotter, several incidents involving iPhones and Apple-related crimes have made headlines. From a new scam targeting iPhone 15 owners to a kidnapping plot in Florida and a theft at an Apple Store in Waterloo, Ontario, these incidents shed light on the world of Apple-related crime.

One emerging scam has been aimed at exploiting fears about “overheating” issues with the iPhone 15 models. Mashable reported that one of their reporters was targeted in this scam. iPhone owners receive calls from unknown callers claiming to represent Verizon and offering to remotely run diagnostics on their new devices. The scammers often make multiple calls before and after the delivery of the new iPhone. They then arrange for the iPhone owner to send back their phone via FedEx. However, when the reporter contacted Verizon, they confirmed that these calls were not genuine. The FedEx driver also revealed that the supposed return center was bogus.

In Florida, three men kidnapped a man but realized they had mistaken him for someone else. They tortured their victim and demanded access to an iCloud account to find their intended target. The kidnappers subjected the victim to various forms of abuse, including putting an electric drill against his skin and pointing a firearm at him. After obtaining a cell phone from them, the victim logged into the iCloud account and found the target’s phone number. They then drove with him to the target’s workplace but instead of cooperating, the victim called in a bomb threat to prompt a police response.

Another case involved thefts of iPhones from a music festival in Austin, Texas. CBS Austin reported that a 23-year-old man was arrested for stealing “dozens” of phones, some of which were iPhones, at the Austin City Limits festival. Police suspect that he may have been part of a larger pickpocketing ring that operates during crowded events like ACL.

In Waterloo, Ontario, eight suspects ransacked an Apple Store at Conestoga Mall and grabbed display items. Fortunately, no one was injured during the theft, which took place in just about 30 seconds. Waterloo gained attention in 2011 when Apple opened a store there, as it was the hometown of BlackBerry’s then-rival Research in Motion.

In Florida, a leading alcohol distributor fell victim to a burglary where approximately 4,277 cases of alcohol merchandise worth $1.6 million were stolen. A recently unsealed search warrant reveals that information related to the crime is believed to be on an iPhone Pro Max 14. Authorities consider the device crucial for gathering technical data and evidence related to the burglary and grand theft.

An 18-year-old Pennsylvania man was charged with criminal homicide after shooting a man and accidentally leaving behind his iPhone at the crime scene. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that police were able to trace ownership of the iPhone back to the alleged shooter through surveillance footage and numerous shell casings found at the scene.

In Connecticut, two alleged gang members violently carjacked an Aston Martin from its owner’s home. However, thanks to tracking capabilities through AirPods and a phone left in the stolen car, police were able to locate it at a “chop shop.” A suspect has since been arrested and faces charges including home invasion, robbery by carjacking, first-degree burglary, and first-degree robbery.

Lastly, police in South Carolina apprehended three individuals who stole multiple items from a residence, including several iPads, a car, and even a tractor. By tracking the iPads using a warrant, authorities were able to recover these stolen items as well as additional merchandise believed to have been taken during other burglaries. The suspects face charges of burglary, grand larceny, and criminal conspiracy.

These incidents highlight the ongoing challenges that Apple faces regarding thefts of their products and crimes involving their devices. As technology continues to advance, it becomes increasingly important for users to be cautious and vigilant in protecting themselves from potential scams and criminal activities.

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