Apple Faces Setback in UK as $2 Billion Lawsuit over iPhone Batteries Moves Forward

Apple Faces Setback in UK as $2 Billion Lawsuit over iPhone Batteries Moves Forward

Published on November 1, 2023, 5:32 pm

Apple Faces Setback in UK as $2 Billion Lawsuit over iPhone Batteries Moves Forward

Image source: Fox News

TLDR: Apple faces a setback in the UK as a lawsuit over iPhone batteries moves forward, potentially worth $2 billion. Consumer rights activist accuses Apple of concealing battery issues and slowing down device performance. London's Competition Appeal Tribunal rules that the case can proceed but notes a lack of clarity in the claims. In other news, more iPhone owners are opting for installment plans, PrivatBank in Ukraine supports Apple's Tap to Pay feature, rumors of upcoming iPhone models surface, and Apple TV+ expands its exclusive content with a new action-comedy starring Mark Wahlberg.

Apple faced a setback in the UK this week as a tribunal ruled that a lawsuit over iPhone batteries, potentially worth $2 billion (1.6 billion UK pounds), can move forward. This brings back memories of “Batterygate,” when Apple was scrutinized for how it handled battery problems in earlier generations of iPhones.

Consumer rights activist Justin Gutmann accused Apple in 2022 of concealing battery issues with the iPhone and secretly installing power management software to slow down device performance. Gutmann pointed to a 2020 settlement in a US Federal court as evidence. While the UK doesn’t have class-action lawsuits like those in the United States, Gutmann’s claim effectively attempts to create a similar scenario.

Gutmann criticized Apple for not providing free replacements, repair services, or compensation to affected customers, accusing the company of misleading people by slowing their devices through software updates by up to 58%. In response, Apple dismissed the lawsuit as baseless and requested that London’s Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) dismiss the case. The company maintained that it had been transparent about the issue, offering public apologies in 2017 and affordable battery replacements.

However, CAT ruled that Gutmann’s case can proceed but noted a “lack of clarity and specificity” in his claims. Additionally, there may be concerns about how Gutmann is funding the lawsuit based on a recent UK Supreme Court ruling regarding Litigation Funding Agreements (LFAs). Some legal experts speculate that this ruling may render such agreements unenforceable by UK courts.

In other news related to Apple, changes have occurred regarding how people purchase iPhones and Android phones. More iPhone owners are opting for installment plans compared to their counterparts. Furthermore, PrivatBank, Ukraine’s largest bank, has announced support for Apple’s Tap to Pay feature on iPhone, making contactless payments available in Ukraine.

Rumors about upcoming iPhone models have also surfaced. According to one leaker, Apple may introduce a new capacitive button and relocate the mmWave antenna for the iPhone 16. These speculative details have generated excitement among Apple enthusiasts.

Apple continues to make waves in the entertainment industry as well. Apple TV+ will soon premiere a new action-comedy called “The Family Plan” starring Mark Wahlberg, expanding its diverse lineup of exclusive content.

While facing legal challenges, these developments highlight that Apple remains at the forefront of technological advancements, payment systems, and entertainment offerings.

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