Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro May Feature Molded Glass Lenses to Reduce Camera Bump and Enhance Magnification

Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro May Feature Molded Glass Lenses to Reduce Camera Bump and Enhance Magnification

Published on October 30, 2023, 10:28 pm

Apple’s iPhone 16 Pro May Feature Molded Glass Lenses to Reduce Camera Bump and Enhance Magnification

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TLDR: The iPhone 16 Pro may use molded glass lenses, which would make the camera bump thinner and lighter while improving magnification. Previous reports suggest a 120mm Telephoto camera for the larger iPhone 16 Pro. Molded glass lenses are ideal for implementing this focal length due to their thinness. Apple has two options - reduce the size of the camera bump or extend the focal length further. It should be noted that none of the iPhone Pro models have optical zoom, but rather use digital zoom which can compromise image quality. Some users see the new lens as a step backward, but it could be beneficial for professional photographers. As we anticipate Apple's upcoming event, speculation is rife about potential products and features they will unveil. Additionally, Oppenheimer has revised its price target for Apple due to concerns about China, and Apple's iOS 17.2 update introduces a new translation option on the iPhone 15 Pro.

The iPhone 16 Pro may feature molded glass lenses, according to a recent supply chain report. These lenses would help reduce the thickness and weight of the camera bump while also increasing magnification distance. Previous reports have already suggested that the iPhone 16 Pro could come with a 120 mm Telephoto camera due to its larger size.

Molded glass lenses are thinner and lighter, making them ideal for implementing the rumored 120 mm focal length. This technology would allow Apple to maintain the existing 24 mm and 120 mm focal lengths while using much thinner lenses. This is particularly beneficial for the smaller iPhone 16 Pro, which already has limited space due to the tetraprism crystal needed for the longer Telephoto lens.

With ample space available in the iPhone 16 Pro, Apple has two potential options. They can either reduce the size and weight of the camera bump while keeping the existing focal lengths or further extend the 120 mm focal length. The development of molded lenses is a complex process, but manufacturers are already gearing up for this implementation as part of a broader trend.

It’s worth noting that none of the three lenses on the iPhone Pro models provide optical zoom. They each have fixed focal lengths – 13mm for ultrawide, 24mm for wide, and either 77mm or 120mm for telephoto (depending on whether it’s an iPhone Pro or Pro Max). Zooming is achieved through digital zoom, which involves sensor cropping and computational photography. While this approach allows for versatility in shooting conditions, it can compromise image quality when zooming digitally.

Some users view the addition of a new 120mm lens as a step backward in terms of iPhone photography quality because it places additional strain on the main lens (24mm) through extensive digital zooming between focal lengths of 25mm and 119mm. However, professional sports or wildlife photographers who frequently shoot at longer focal lengths may find the new lens advantageous.

Despite these differing perspectives, it is crucial to clarify that the term “optical zoom” can be misleading in this context. It refers to the increase in focal length for the telephoto lens without implying physical movement of the lens itself. The optical aspect pertains to the lenses being physical components, not digital recreations within the main camera.

Furthermore, it is not necessary for the main camera to cover the entire range from 1x to 5x zoom. The Camera app clearly indicates that it handles 1x to 2x, with a jump directly from 2x to 5x. While some users might prefer intermediary zoom levels, many find a superior optically zoomed lens at 5x more useful than a compromised quality at intermediate zoom levels.

As we approach Apple’s upcoming “Scary Fast” event, speculation abounds regarding what products and features the company will unveil. A display-clad HomePod and trials of running tvOS on an iPad mini have sparked rumors. However, accurate predictions are still elusive.

In other Apple-related news, Oppenheimer has recently revised its price target for Apple from $220 to $200 due to concerns about China and other factors. Additionally, Apple’s iOS 17.2 update introduces a new translation option in the Action button on the iPhone 15 Pro.

Keep an eye out for Apple’s fourth fiscal quarter results on November 2nd, as these figures will provide insight into recent developments and future plans for the tech giant. And while we await official details about upcoming products and features, Amazon is currently offering impressive deals on existing Apple equipment.

In conclusion, molded glass lenses could potentially be incorporated into the iPhone 16 Pro lineup. These lenses would help reduce camera bump thickness and weight while enhancing magnification capabilities. As discussions surrounding Apple’s “Scary Fast” event continue to circulate, excitement builds regarding potential new products and features.

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