FaceTime Comes to Apple TV 4K: Enjoy Video Calls on the Big Screen

FaceTime Comes to Apple TV 4K: Enjoy Video Calls on the Big Screen

Published on November 17, 2023, 5:42 am

FaceTime Comes to Apple TV 4K: Enjoy Video Calls on the Big Screen

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TLDR: With the new tvOS 17 and iOS 17 updates, FaceTime video is now available on Apple TV 4K, allowing users to make FaceTime calls on their big screens. To set it up, users need a compatible iPhone and Apple TV with the latest software updates. Users can connect their iPhone or iPad as a FaceTime Camera, and a dedicated MagSafe mount is recommended for convenience. Once set up, users can make FaceTime calls on Apple TV with controls like Center Stage and Portrait mode. This feature brings added convenience to connecting with others from the comfort of your living room or home office.

A new feature of tvOS 17 and iOS 17 brings FaceTime video to Apple TV 4K, allowing users to participate in FaceTime calls on the largest screens in their homes. This feature is made possible by advances in features like Continuity Camera.

To set up FaceTime on Apple TV 4K, users need an iPhone with iOS 17 and a second generation Apple TV 4K with tvOS 17. After updating the Apple TV to tvOS 17, the FaceTime app appears as a newly added sixth column in the top row. Simply click on the icon to open the app and begin the Continuity Camera pairing process.

Users on the same WiFi network will appear in a list. To use your iPhone or iPad as a FaceTime Camera, ensure that it is on iOS 17 or iPadOS 17. Select the user from the list and tap on the prompt that appears on their device. This will access their device’s camera and show them a tutorial for mounting their iPhone or iPad.

For regular use, it is recommended to get a dedicated MagSafe mount for your iPhone, which can be kept below the TV. The Karmus Magnetic Mount is one option that attaches to a glass TV stand using adhesive and folds down when not in use. However, any stand that can hold the iPhone upright and provide proper viewing angles should work fine.

Once your iPhone is connected and set up, you can make a FaceTime call on Apple TV. You can select a contact from the recents list shown on the left side of the display to start an immediate call or choose the plus icon to open your contact list. It is also possible to select multiple people before making the call.

During a FaceTime Call on Apple TV, there are simple controls available such as toggles for Center Stage (which keeps participants centered in front of the camera), Portrait mode (which adds depth-of-field blur to the background), and gesture reactions.

In summary, the new FaceTime feature on Apple TV 4K allows users to enjoy FaceTime calls on their large screens. With Continuity Camera, the setup process is straightforward, and most modern Apple devices are compatible with this feature. So, whether you’re catching up with loved ones or connecting with colleagues, FaceTime on Apple TV brings a new level of convenience to your living room or home office.

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