The Game Awards 2023: “Hello Kitty Island Adventure” Nominated for Best Mobile Game

The Game Awards 2023: “Hello Kitty Island Adventure” Nominated for Best Mobile Game

Published on November 13, 2023, 11:42 pm

The Game Awards 2023: “Hello Kitty Island Adventure” Nominated for Best Mobile Game

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"Hello Kitty Island Adventure" nominated for best mobile game at The Game Awards. Apple Arcade has yet to win any awards at the event. iPhones include code that can cause intentional failures if non-Apple repair components are used. LG Display plans to produce OLED panels for iPad Pro earlier than expected. Exciting developments in the gaming and tech industries.

“Hello Kitty Island Adventure” has been nominated for the best mobile game at The Game Awards. As an Apple Arcade title, it’s up against fierce competition such as “Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis,” “Honkai: Star Rail,” “Monster Hunter Now,” and “Terra Nil.” Although Apple Arcade is a relatively new venture, it has yet to win any awards at The Game Awards.

Released by Sunblink Entertainment in July 2023, “Hello Kitty Island Adventure” has quietly gained popularity and consistently remains in the top five Apple Arcade games on the App Store. With its well-known brand recognition, the game might have a chance at holding its ground against other popular IPs.

While Apple has seen previous titles like “Sayonara Wild Hearts,” “Grindstone,” and “What the Golf?” in 2019 and “Fantasian” in 2021 nominated for awards at The Game Awards, Apple Arcade hasn’t received much critical attention overall. Out of over 300 titles available on the service, none have won awards at The Game Awards, and only a few have been nominated.

The Game Awards 2023 will take place on December 7. Fans can vote for their favorite games in all 31 categories on The Game Awards website to help determine the winners. Ultimately, the winners are selected by a voting jury.

In other news related to Apple, it was reported that iPhones include code that identifies when repair components are purchased from Apple. If alternatives are used instead, intentional failures may occur. This observation was made by The New York Times.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that Apple supply chain partner LG Display plans to start producing OLED panels for the iPad Pro earlier than expected, with production slated to begin in February. These panels will be three times more expensive compared to iPhone equivalents but will allow for an early 2024 launch of the iPad Pro.

As fans eagerly await The Game Awards and the latest updates from Apple, there is no doubt that the gaming and tech industries continue to capture our attention with exciting developments on multiple fronts.

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