Practice Mate vs Cerner: Battle of Free and a Priced Solution

office Ally vs Cerner

The battle between free and priced EHR solutions is trending these days. Every care provider is eager to know which solution can serve better for the sake of better clinical management. Whether or not they should spend a dime on fixed-priced solutions is running through their minds. Do you also want a loud and clear answer? Then read this Practice Mate vs Cerner comparison. Practice Mate is a free EHR, and Cerner is a fixed-priced vendor.

Practice Mate: A Free Solution

The starting point of this Practice Mate vs Cerner comparison is the price. This point is the central reason why Practice Mate is altogether different from Cerner.

Practice Mate is a free-of-cost practice management software. The vendor lives rent-free in the caregiver’s mind, for they know they can use it to run a streamlined practice without spending a dime. Office Ally Practice Mate may be a cost-free solution, but its characteristics say otherwise. It’s hard to believe how a versatile and configurable solution like Ally Practice Mate charges nothing for clinical management.

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The Free Specs of Ally Practice Mate:

In this world where nothing comes for free, Practice Mate Software has urged people to think otherwise. It offers quality services for enhancing clinical productivity charging absolutely nothing. The free functionalities of Practice Mate EHR include the following:


Practice Mate

Patient Ally

Intake Pro

What Reviews Say About Practice Mate?

Exploring the reviews in the case of Office Ally Practice Mate is essential. Most of the time, free solutions are just all talk and no play. And thus, we will evaluate the Practice Mate reviews to reveal to you that this solution is far from that. In general, the reviews are about the simplicity, ease of use, and high functionality of the Office Ally Practice Mate. They shower light on the way this EHR transforms complex practice management processes into hassle-free tasks.

The integral specs highlighted in the reviews of Practice Mate are:

Effortless billing

Comprehensive EHR

Simplistic appointment scheduling

Successful practice management

Health records management

Web-based claims processing

Effective accounting module

Best tech support

One-in-a-kind resource center

Minimalist paperwork

The Challenge For Cerner EMR:

Cerner EMR has been in practice for so long, but it has failed to deliver free services.

Is Cerner Underrated? No. But the vendor receives endless requests from the care providers to include the element of free care services. Mostly independent physicians or solo practices demand cost-free services.  This way, they get to practice medicine effortlessly at their own pace without having to spend too much.

Where The Greatness of Cerner EMR Lies?

Let’s uncover the true potential of Cerner EHR in this Practice Mate vs Cerner guide. Cerner EMR is second to none. It takes pride in delivering enterprise-wide healthcare services. This software is ranked top in the list of best EHR systems for Hospitals and health systems. Cerner being a credible EHR solution, does not limit itself to ambulatory care. It efficiently serves community centers, critical access facilities, and behavioral health practices too.

The post-acute services of Cerner EMR are also one-of-a-kind. Another side to Cerner’s electronic medical records is its research side. Cerner supports a researcher module to help researchers conduct meaningful research leveraging remarkable real-time data insights. In addition, it works as a learning health network equipped with real-world data publications. Cerner EMR even supports a HealtheDataLab to support medical research.

What do Clinicians say About Cerner’s Price Tag?

While going through this comparison, it might cross your mind that Cerner is an underrated solution. But the reality is the opposite. Cerner EMR may come at fixed pricing, but there’s nothing wrong with that. In the user’s opinion, Cerner medical software offers to-the-point healthcare services at a reasonable price. It is not too heavy to afford and thus improves the profitability rate of practices.

According to the details shared in the Cerner EHR reviews, it charges an additional implementation fee. However, the maintenance cost is included in the monthly subscription plans. Get hands on the exact price details by reaching out to the sales team of Cerner software.

The Plot Twist Of This Enticing Comparison:

The plot twist in this Office Ally Practice Mate vs Cerner comparison is Practice Mate iEHR is not free to its core. As it is primarily generated as a practice management tool, it charges a hefty price of $29.95 to its users seeking EHR modules. Besides that, Ally Practice Mate proves it is not a lost cause for large-scale practices by providing various add-ons. And those add-ons come for a price they are not available for free.

The priced functionalities of Office Ally Practice Mate include the following:

AxiaMed CC Processing

OA-Rx E-Prescribing

Medication Samples

Reminder Mate

Real-Time Transactions

Auto Statement Mailing

Chronic Care Management

Updox – Direct Messaging

Virtual Visits

Wrap Up:

In this Practice Mate vs Cerner comparison, we learned that Ally Practice Mate solely focuses on its clients and does not pay heed to personalized intentions. It is not a profit-generating tool like other EHR solutions, including Cerner Medical Software. Practice Mate is an exemplary EHR platform generated by practitioners who understand the delicacies of practice management. Thus it works solely for the sake of practitioners and not for profit maximization.

Vendors like Cerner electronic medical records are no less than Practice Mate software. They indeed serve a great deal in satisfying the needs of medical practices but for a certain price. And the price range of Cerner EMR is satisfied by its impeccable services like HealthData Lab and Sepsis surveillance. It is geared towards boosting clinical efficiency and enhancing health systems’ scalability, thus a costly option for small clinical practices.

Both Office Ally Practice Mate and Cerner software are great on their own. Cerner specializes in featuring enterprise-wide services, whereas Ally Practice Mate excels in providing absolutely free care services. Cerner is a good option for large-scale health organizations, and Practice Mate software is the best pick for all. Large practices can go for their paid add-ons to unleash their true done potential.
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