SoLoMo: Marketing Definition [ Complete Guide ]


SoLoMo, behind this term, hides the three aspects of today’s trade. It is the contraction of social, local, and mobile, which represent the main vectors of sales over the Internet. Key vectors these days to expect to see their turnover increase and cope with new consumption habits.

SoLoMo: the social factor

The growing success of social networks makes its essential support for the reputation of an online store. In fact, in these networks, internet users exchange tips or advise each other. The ability to mobilize a community around information makes these networks interactive tools fundamental to the visibility of a business. Positioning yourself in those who generate the most visits is essential. It is an established fact that the store front end now passes through its presence on Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest.

SoLoMo: the local factor

Today’s consumer plays with proximity. And the supermarkets and gigantic brands, the neighborhood stores are popular and can take advantage of this craze. The goal of these businesses is, therefore, to highlight their offerings through media and resources increasingly used by consumers. It is therefore strategic for beginners to be present in geolocation tools such as Google Maps through Google’s Local Business Center. In addition, the integration of collective purchasing services such as Groupon or local social networks such as Meyou (social shopping network in the city of Nice) can increase sales and the notoriety of a business.

SoLoMo: the mobile postman

Internet users are increasingly connecting to the Internet by mobile phone or touchpad, to the detriment of the traditional PC, which is losing speed in terms of connections. The mobile phone has thus become essential in the development of a business on the web. Setting up an app or mobile site with a geolocated SEO can therefore make sense to increase your leads. Also referencing your establishment in widely used apps, such as GMB and Yellow Places.

SoLoMo: How does it work?

The idea is to attract the customer to the store, through a gift or discount voucher obtained via Facebook, for example. The customer is thus potentially the buyer of other products present in the store and, if satisfied, will share them with their friends on the social network. It can also be approached, via mobile phone, when looking for a local business.

How to take advantage of web innovations?

Social networks and mobile phones have completely transformed the approach to the Internet and are now two essential tools for the success of commercial website development.

Relevant positioning on the most dynamic platforms, geolocation to attract your neighbors and a Smartphone application (or a mobile site) meet the current essential in terms of sales. They will ensure optimal site visibility and increased turnover.