Some Beautiful Uses Of Flowers in Your Special Event


Flowers are one of the best gifts that you can give to someone on a special occasion. It can be difficult to choose the best flower for your loved ones because each flower expresses different meanings. Although this is certain that flowers are apt for any and every situation and that flowers make an integral part of human life and all that. 

But what flower for what occasion? Now, that’s what the tricky part is. Knowing the real meaning and connotations of flowers can help you find suitable flowers for any type of occasion. You know, even the same species of flower but with different colours can also symbolize different meanings. By gifting a flower bouquet, you probably just want to depict that you think of them or care for them and not send wrong messages unknowingly. 

So, read the article and know the uses of flowers on your special occasions. 

Wedding flowers

Irrespective of the budget or theme of the wedding, still most couples consider flowers to be an essential part of the wedding planning. And why wouldn’t they? Flowers can transform any decor. Whether it’s a destination wedding, a traditional wedding or a beach wedding, flowers will undoubtedly appear everywhere. It’s like these blooms shout out celebrations loudly. In Christian marriages, it’s their custom that the bride holds flower bouquets as she walks down the aisle. So, flowers that you can include in bouquets and floral arrangements for a wedding are garden roses, peonies, carnations, orchids, sunflowers, etc. make unusual combinations by following the current colour trends. You can even match the colour pallet with the bride’s dress, or can keep it more casual. You also get online flower delivery in Chennai and get fresh flowers at your desired place. 

Birthday Bouquets

Because mostly every flower is suitable for an occasion like birthdays because It saves you from so much brainstorming. And not only suitable flower bouquets make for a perfect birthday gift too. It all depends on whom you want to give it to, what relation you share with them, and what message you want to convey. A daisy can be the right choice if you’re going to present a bouquet to your friend as a daisy symbolizes modesty and innocence. But it might not be apt for your partner. Either you can simply gift the recipient’s favourite blooms, or you can choose wisely if you want to convey some meaning. A few of them are listed here like carnations mean gratitude and remembrance, red roses mean love, and a yellow rose means friendship. 

Flowers For Worshiping

The Hindus believe in ideal worship. Every morning they worship idols of gods with flowers, and it is a common practice here. They offer flowers like marigolds and rose petals in temples. For this, they even tie a monthly deal with some reputed florists that delivers them flowers on a regular basis. You can do the same and can get a flower delivery in Kolkata at your doorstep. On festivals like Diwali and Dussehra too, they decorate temples and their houses with mostly marigolds and roses.


First, to be sure, just ask the family of the deceased if they accept flowers at the funeral services, as some religions may not prefer these blooms. If they don’t, then select something more appropriate. But if yes, you would want to select some flowers that would symbolize love and respect for the family. Commonly, the floral arrangements used to pay tribute at funerals are usually larger in size. And for these arrangements, you can opt for roses, lilies, Hydrangeas or chrysanthemums as they make a nice presentation for such events. Oh, and do not forget to go light on colours as they signify calmness. Whichever flower arrangement you choose, it is ethical if you insert a sympathy note along with it. 

Get well soon flowers

Though anyone would automatically feel better with any type of flowers around, some flowers say they get better soon. Flowers are one of the most cheerful creations of god, and it is a treat to the eyes. What can be a more appropriate way to wish your loved ones a speedy recovery than by sending him/her flowers. Flowers like carnations, orchids, and lilies are excellent options to carry during the visit to the hospital.  But yes, these flowers will bring joy and happiness to the receiver, and this leads them to the road of recovery.

Now you know the flower power and where they can be easily fitted. When you are about to send flowers online to your loved ones, you know exactly which ones to choose.

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