The Benefits of Using Videos in Social Media Marketing

Videos are way more engaging than any other means of communication. This is why it is 40 times more likely to be shared across social media than other types of content. Moreover, 9 out of 10 users have demanded more promotion of products through videos. It is another reason why it has become an unavoidable part of marketing strategy.

We are more attentive while watching a video than listening to an audio or reading an article. This is because videos are the best at drawing and prolonging our attention span. 

Given all these reasons, the priorities of many marketers have shifted drastically within the last seven years. 78% of marketers fancied using video as an integral part of their plan, and now it has increased to 92%. This is the best time to leverage the power of videos in social media marketing.

In this article, we will walk you through the six best benefits of using videos for brand promotion through social media marketing. If you are someone looking to integrate it as a necessary part of your paradigm, then you can’t miss out on the following benefits.

Prominent benefits of using videos in social media marketing

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Videos generate higher engagement

Success in video marketing is determined by how much attention they can draw through shares, likes, and comments. The main reason to use videos in social media marketing is their engaging power. As already noted, information processed through videos is more likely to be retained by our minds compared to other means.

Videos are emotive; they affect our emotions and touch us deeply. Because of this exclusive feature, video-based content is preferred more by marketers. Animation- and explainer videos have been leaving a lasting effect on viewers precisely because they are the most engaging.

Video is more effective

Videos are highly effective for social media marketing, as is the same case in any other marketing. The return on investment is the most crucial aspect. Videos ensure your high marketing ROI. 88% of online or social media marketers are satisfied with the ROI they have generated through investing in videos.

While the ROI generated through ads has satisfied 80% of marketers. 60% of people find videos effective due to the leads and clicks it generates. Again another 40% have brand awareness and PR as their criteria for considering videos effective in social media marketing. Videos have helped large amounts of marketers not only in the aspects mentioned above but even when it comes to increasing dwell time, attracting traffic, or giving a better understanding of their products and services. This is why a high percentage of marketers (92%) have found videos as an irreplaceable part of their marketing plan.


Consumers love watching videos on social media for the benefits it offers to them. Video as a medium is more engaging than print media as it incorporates both audio and visuals. Consumers learn more about a particular product by watching a video advertisement. A survey by Wyzowl illustrates how 9 out of 10 people have purchased apps/software they saw in a video (Wyzowl 2018). Also, 88% of people were convinced to buy a particular product after they saw its display in a social media video.  

One more important thing, people’s attention span, has become limited, and because of this, videos have become more customer-friendly, especially short videos. Therefore, short videos are a better fit for social media marketing.


The medium of print requires the investment of a sizable amount of capital. A fancy advertisement could cost $4 to print, and the response rate would be hardly 1-2%. Whereas videos barely have such requirements. What it does require are editing skills and a cost effective professional online video editor.

There are dozens of video editors if you are not well acquainted with high-profile software. One video can be re-shared countless times. Once you get the hang of the social media platform’s algorithm, the video’s circulation is a cakewalk. One is exempted from manually circulating prints. Videos in this regard are efficient.

Short videos

73% of people, when asked about their preferred video type, chose short videos. This seems reasonable as well, given the decrease in attention span. Short videos have taken over the internet, and every app from Instagram to YouTube has it.

51% of marketers prefer short-form videos to increase their engagement. It is because people are twice as likely to share video content with their friends than any other content, including social media posts, blog posts/articles, and product pages. Short videos have generated the highest ROI, and we can see more marketers investing in this video format.


One can leverage different types of videos, including the following.

How-to videos come in many different facets, each as engaging as the other. This special quality of video marketing enables marketers to meet the demand of different types of consumers.

There are tons of people always looking for how-to videos, and this demand is often capitalized on well by social media influencers. These videos have the upper hand because they mainly explain how a particular product works. As a result, it increases the chances of closing deals by generating significant traffic to your channel or website.

Live videos are always refreshing for audiences. One-to-one conversation in a live session builds the viewers’ confidence; that’s why these types of interactions are always welcomed. Moreover, they have become preferable in recent times due to the introduction of podcasts on various social media platforms.

Testimonial videos work wonders in promoting your business culture and give your audience a complete picture of your business model. In addition, testimonial videos build trust in your product and your entire business model.

Picking the right consumer for whom your products have been effective and letting him explain it to other viewers is the best way to develop faith and a sense of reliability in your consumers. These videos are seen all over social media and play an essential part in the online marketing model. Choosing the right video editor is important to creating high-quality videos.

Animated explainer videos are consumed by 94% of people to understand the product and the brand. These are the most captivating and engaging of all video types. They are more appealing due to the animations and characters used to convey the message. This is the most commonly used video type by marketers.

50% of marketers prefer using animated explainer-type videos for product demonstration. Marketers use animated explainer videos to break down the technicalities of their products. This gives a good learning experience to the viewers. They want to learn more by watching these animated explainer-type videos, which raise brand awareness.


Videos are currently ruling the social marketing world, and they are most likely to continue dominating the marketing world. 88% of people are likely to see videos from brands throughout 2022. The benefits of videos are innumerable, both for consumers as well as for social media marketers. These are a few of the many benefits that videos have to offer. Start investing in video marketing today!

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