The use of computers and AI tools in the special education classroom

People are being introduced to new technologies with each passing day. Some of these technologies are accepted and adopted by people for decades while some are rejected by them instantly. The basis of acceptance and rejection is the utility and the need of the particular invention.

Some such inventions which have been introduced decades ago and are still as prevalent as ever before including smartphones, Information technology, artificial intelligence system, and so on.  The combo of computers and AI is terrific as it allows the user to take help with anything; from being able to find the Best Ebook Writer to having the access to buy any product from across the world. 

“Access to computers and the internet has become a basic need for education in our society.” Kent Conrad

Even though; technology has managed to improve every sector of our life but this post will specifically high lightening the uses of technology in the education sector. Students are already making full use of technology by buying Coursework Help Service and other such academic writing services; still, there is a lot more with which students can be facilitated; especially students with certain disorders. This post is about how AI and computers can be made helpful for special students.

AI and IT:

The acronyms AI and IT are used for Artificial Intelligence and Information technology respectively. Information technology can be defined as the use of computers to create, store, retrieve, and process data.  This data can be written, in voice, or in video. Both forms of infrastructure (hardware and software) are included under the category of IT.  

Artificial intelligence has taken many industries by storm, where it has proven itself to become a necessity for not only businesses but also students, to proceed competitively ahead (, 2021). Artificial intelligence is the process in which machines mimic the aspects of human intelligence. It can be voice recognition, face recognition, answering questions, machine vision, and so on. 

Challenges faced by special students in educational institutes:

The challenges that special students face in educational institutes are obviously quite very different from the challenges that other students feel. Some of the common challenges are as below;

  • Behavior challenges: Special students find it extremely hard to adjust to a new environment which is why they feel frustrated and try to escape the school. They are hesitant of forming social connections and want to remain secluded.
  • Speech disorder: Some special students have speech disorders due to which they are unable to ask questions or give answers.
  • Vision disability: Students with vision disability face difficulty in catching up with the rest of the class as they are unable to view the content being taught. 
  • Lack of confidence: Some special students don’t have the confidence to step out of the house and stay at a totally new environment without their guardians.

Use of computers and AI tools for special students:

With the help of special education, special children can have a better chance of learning what they need to in order to live a productive and fulfilling life for both themselves and society. With the abundance of artificial intelligence and the goal of what it was made for artificial intelligence should be able to work in the classroom and help with special education (Tucker, 2016). Following are some points which highlight how computers and AI tools can prove to be productive for special students:

  1. Improves speech:

Such software and apps have been introduced that helps in the improvement of the speech quality of special students. Students who face difficulty in speaking because of speech disability can work on their speech by conversing with advanced speech synthesis technologies. These latest technologies are designed in a way that they understand the language of special students and answer them in accordance with their pattern of speech.  

  1. Develops social skills:

Most special students are reluctant to meet new people or go to new learning environments. But if they manage to form a relationship with robotic technologies; they feel comfortable around them and negotiate with them without any hesitancy. Students with autism have been observed forming social connections with the help of robots. This skill will enable the special students to interact with one another in the classroom as well. 

  1. Behavioral assessment:

The newly invented technologies also help teachers to evaluate the growth and performance of special students. As these technologies provide a set of extra eyes and ears for teachers so when students interact with the robotic technology; it stores the reform brought in the speech or other aspects of the students and allows the teacher to work on those. 

  1. Independent attitude:

If special students are provided with technology at an early age; they feel kind of independent. This independence can be due to direct interaction with technology and being able to find the answers to all their worries directly. It will eventually help the special students to perform well in class.

  1. Content description:

There are some special students who find it difficult to see the image or the content being taught to them. Such technologies have been introduced that can help those students by describing the content perfectly to the students so they can learn just as every other student in the class. 

  1. Website interactions:

Another AI technique that can be used for special students who are unable to interact or see the content being taught can learn directly from the websites with the help of special tools. These tools might vary from Apple Siri to Alexa. This virtual assistant can read aloud the content to students and will give the students an idea of the content. 


Every student has a right to study which is why they must be provided with all the necessary materials required to complete education. Special students need some extra care and resources to provide them with education. Hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the readers in comprehending how computers and AI tools can prove to be helpful in this aspect.

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