TOK Essay Writing Problems and Their Easy Solutions

TOK Essay

To better understand the problems that the students face in writing TOK essays you need to understand what TOK stands for, it stands for theory of knowledge. University students have to write a variety of essays and TOK essays are one of them. Writing a notice is a specialized skill and the busy students of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme have no spare time to write notice. So, they try to look for TOK essay writing services to get it done by an expert and get rid of the risk of rejection. There are several problems that students have to face when writing a TOK essay, the following are some of them. The TOK essays are written in any area of knowledge that includes mathematics, human sciences, history, the arts, and natural sciences to name a few.

They Don’t Understand The Title Question

Some students are very impatient and start writing the essays without any brainstorming. They do not read the title question and so they don’t understand it.

Students Write Essays That Are Not Related To The Areas Of Knowledge

The IBDP students study different subjects like human sciences, environmental sciences, and many others subjects. When the students are asked to write a TOK essay, they make up stories of their own and pen down stupid stories of their emotional issues with their friends and family. Some students give examples of surgeries, and forget that human sciences are the study of human behavior and not human anatomy. These stupid mistakes often disturb the people checking such stupid essays. The students should carefully understand the main title and the question being asked before writing down the essay. 

They Don’t Do Writing Practice

When the exams are near the students should do a lot of writing practice, but the IBDP students have so much to do that they do not practice essay writing. When they take essay writing for granted they fail to impress the teachers and don’t get good grades.

Not Answering The Given Title Question

Among all the problems that the students face when writing a theory of knowledge essay is ‘not answering the question prescribed in the title. In the TOK essays, you are assigned a title that has a question that you have to address. Most of the students make the mistake of not answering that question. The students take it as a topic of an essay and ignore its importance when it is to address the question being asked. The solution to this problem is that you should carefully try to answer the prescribed questions.

  • According to experts you have to answer the prescribed question almost 6 times in your essay, the first time is in your essay introduction. 
  • The second time you have to answer the question in all four paragraphs of the body of the essay.
  • Now when you have already answered the question 5 times, the last time you have to answer it in the conclusion of the essay.

You Do Not Answer The Question Clearly

The second problem that the students face when writing a TOK essay is that they do not answer the prescribed question. The answer that you write should be a clear and easy-to-understand explanation of the answer. The clear and more precise the answer the better it is for the stressed-out students. A TOK essay is a much more advanced piece of writing as compared to the essays that the students get scared of doing in college. It is the responsibility of the essay writer to make it simple for the reader to understand. The TOK essays are a test of the knowledge that university-level students possess. Many students, make the mistake of vaguely answering the title question which is quite irritating for the readers. The question should be answered in a to-the-point manner, you can elaborate on your point later in the paragraph.

Students Use Generic Examples In Their Essays

One more problem that is being noticed in the TOK essays written by the students is the use of generic examples. Generic examples are the common examples that are mentioned in a book or on a website. The students are encouraged to use examples from their actual life, the best example to use in a TOK essay is one from your own experiences. The teachers encourage the students to mention examples from their personal experiences or invent some unique examples that no one has ever heard or read about.

Examples Are Too Long

Some students make a serious mistake while writing a TOK essay and that is of using unrealistically long examples to prove their point. The example is so long that the students get sidetracked from the main point to support which they used the example. The examples that are too long, irritate the reader more than anything else in an essay. The examples that you use in a TOK essay should not be more than a line or two. The examples that are explained using a whole paragraph are not acceptable.

They Don’t Apply TOK

Hundreds of students make the mistake of not applying the TOK theory to the point that they want to support and fill the paper with irrelevant stuff. The students are more interested in reaching their word count than imparting knowledge.

Use Of Wrong Examples

Several students of IBDP get so nervous when writing the TOK essay that they make an impressive claim but their examples do not support it. They use irrelevant examples, and the professors that check these essays have a lot chances of going crazy reading these irrelevant examples.

Some Students Write A TOK For An Older Session

There is always a possibility of human error and you might get an outdated question paper. So, if you want to address the write Title at the right time and place you should check the exam session printed on your question paper.

If you want to be successful in TOK essay writing but you don’t know how to go about it, you should not waste time and hire an assignment writing firm with a good reputation in the market.

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