How to use Truth or Dare Bot Discord [ Truth or Dare Commands ]

Truth or Dare Bot Discord

The world of truth or dare has always been one where you get to know people’s secrets. But in today‚Äôs generation, things are different: we play games online and on mobile devices instead! There was never an era like this before – with virtual worlds opening up for everyone at any given moment; it feels more accessible than ever before so I’m sure there will be many surprises ahead as technology continues evolving year after year… And what about those who want some real fun? Why don’t our professionals introduce them to something special right now by providing access through Truth or Dare Discord Bot?

What is Discord Bot?

Discord Bot is an application that can be connected with your social media account (discord )to give some extra perks while playing games, like adding fun features like new emojis. Of course, some of them may include advertising but you’ll get to know that in the end; let’s focus on the main subject for now!

So what kind of game is Truth or Dare?

Truth or Dare is a simple game, yet it has the ability to keep you focused on something new and interesting all the time. It can be played by 2-20 players; even more though if they join forces and play as teams. You’ll get to know what’s going on during the game if you watch this:

The game works like this: one player starts by asking someone else a question (truth) or daring them to do something (dare). If the person can’t or doesn’t want to do it, they have to take a drink, or in some cases, they can choose to do a different dare or answer the question. The game then continues on in a clockwise direction until everyone has either had a turn or the time runs out.

Now that we know a bit more about the game, let’s see how Truth or Dare Bot Discord can help spice things up!

What is Truth or Dare Discord Bot?

Truth or Dare Discord Bot is a bot that can be added to your discord group. It adds fun features to conversations in the form of emojis, polls, and other interactive content. The whole point of it though is to add support for everyone who wants to play Truth or Dare! What does this mean? This means that you get an extra interactive feature with the help of a bot that sends you the message whenever it is your turn to ask someone a question, dare them or choose the truth. The awesome thing about this though is that there is no admin needed in order for everyone in a group with a Truth or Dare Discord Bot active to play.

How do I add Truth or Dare Bot Discord to my group?

Adding Truth or Dare Bot Discord is very easy! First, click on this link:

This will open up a page with a list of permissions you will need to approve. You can check them all out before accepting the request if you want, but make sure that it has read and sent messages permissions enabled. When everything is set up properly, you should see an Authorize button – click on it! Now you have a Truth or Dare Discord Bot added to your discord group!

What can I do with Truth or Dare Bot Discord?

Truth or Dare Bot Discord has a wide variety of features that you can use to make your game more interesting. Here are some of the things you can do with it:

– Get help when it’s your turn with the bot sending you messages to remind you of your next move! Are you getting tired of playing the same way every time? This feature helps add something new and fun while still keeping it simple and straightforward so that everyone can join in and play!

– Activate a cooldown timer with the help of which you won’t be able to ask for another truth or dare within 60 seconds of receiving a previous one. This is great for preventing people from taking too long to think about their next move and keeps the game going at a good pace!

– Set up a custom list of questions and dares that you can use to make sure everyone is on the same page. This is perfect if you want to personalize your game or add new content!

– Use the randomize function to get randomized questions or dares to keep everyone on their toes. This is great for mixing things up and keeping the game exciting!

Check out the leaderboard to see how you and your friends are doing in relation to one another. Who will be crowned the ultimate Truth or Dare master at the end of the game?

How do I play Truth or Dare Bot Discord?

1. Add Truth or Dare Bot Discord to your server by clicking on the link above and then clicking on ‘Authorize’.

2. After you accept, an Invite link will be shown below – click on it to get the bot added to your server!

3. Once in the server, type ‘t’ in the chat to see the available commands or simply type ‘help’ for more information.

4. To start a game, type ‘start’. This will open up a poll where everyone can vote on whether they want to play Truth or Dare.

5. When the poll closes, the bot will randomly choose one person to start the game.

6. The game works like this:

– The person who starts the game selects either Truth or Dare and then asks someone a question or dares them accordingly.

– If someone doesn’t want to answer or do the dare, they can type ‘pass’ and then the next person in the chat will be selected to go.

– The game ends when someone either selects Truth or Dare for a final time or chooses to end the game themselves.

7. Have fun!

Truth or Dare Bot Discord Commands:

The Truth or Dare Bot runs on slash commands. In order to utilize the slash commands, you must first use ‘/’ and then add the command name you want from the list.

Question Commands

/answer - Answers a paranoia question sent to you
/dare - Gives a dare that has to be completed.
/nhie - Gives a random Never Have I Ever question to be answered.
/paranoia - Gives a paranoia question or sends one to a user.
/skip - Skips a paranoia question sent to you if the question is stuck
/tod - Gives a random truth or dare question.
/truth - Gives a random question that has to be answered truthfully.
/wyr - Gives a random Would You Rather question to be answered.

Control Commands

/help - Get a list of commands.
/invite - Add the bot to anoherther server.
/ping - Check if the bot is online.
/settings - Show and configure the channel settings of a channel.
/stats - List some statistics on the bot!
/suggest - Suggest a question to be added to the bot.

Truth or Dare Discord Bot Not Working?

Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

– Verify that you have read and followed all of the instructions in this article.

– Make sure that your server is not private, moderated, or invite-only.

Check if there are any errors when the bot tries to join your server.

– Make sure the bot is online.

Truth or Dare Bot Discord – FAQ

Q: What are some of the best Truth or Dare bots for Discord?

A: Some of the most popular truth and dare Discord bots to include ‘Ultimate Truth or Dare’, ‘Truth or Dare Bot’ and ‘Bot Paranoia’.

Q: How do I contact Truth or Dare Bot Discord?

A: If you need help with the bot, you can contact us by email at

Q: How do I ask a question with the Truth or Dare Bot Discord?

A: You can use ‘/question’ to send a new question or ‘/tod’ to get a random question. Q: How do I play Truth or Dare bot on Discord?

A: Type ‘start’, which will open up a poll where everyone can vote on whether they want to play Truth or Dare. The bot will then randomly choose one person to start the game.

Q: What are some of the best Truth or Dare questions?

A: Some of the best truth or dare questions can be found at

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