How To Update Android OS on Straight Talk Phones

Update Android OS on Straight Talk Phones


Can the cellphone talk straight upgraded?

Straight Talk’s activation process is simple – just visit, select the radio button for transferring your phone number, and click continue. Then, enter your account information to finish the process. Your number transfer should take about 24 hours.


How can I update my roaming abilities on direct chat?


You can update your roaming list on a Verizon CDMA cellphone by pressing * 22891 then sending.


How do I update my Android Talkfone?


1. To start downloading updates, tap the Applications tab and select Settings. Under the General tab, select About Phone and then Software Update. Finally, tap Continue Updates.

2. Tap the Applications tab and select Settings. Scroll down and select General, then About Phone. Tap Software Update and then Continue Updates.

  1. Your cellphone will restart and transition through a series of warnings, letting you know that Android is being upgraded.

With the new Google Play Services Update feature, you can now easily update your Android OS on Straight Talk phones from the convenience of your phone.

This Google Play service is for keeping you connected and up-to-date.

For those who don’t know, the purpose of this Google Play Services Update is to allow users to take advantage of new Google services such as Gmail and Google+ without having to create a Google account.

Straight Talk phones offer a variety of apps and services, but with a Google account, you are limited to using only Google apps such as Gmail and Google+. This restriction means that if you want to use another app, you will lose your information from the other provider. It can be more convenient if you can be able to update your Android OS directly.

The Google Play Services Update feature is actually very simple and easy to use – you’ll just need to connect your phone to a PC or laptop with a USB cable in order to access it.

Once you’ve done that, the software will begin to scan your phone for any updates to the Google Play Store. After it has scanned all the areas of your device that need updating, you will be able to see the updates in the Updates tab of the Google Play Store.


If you’re using an older version of Android OS on your Straight Talk phone, the process will work just like it would if you were using an earlier phone model. Simply select ‘Download’ at the top left of your screen to download the latest version of Google Play Services.

If you’re not sure which version of Android you have, don’t worry! The Straight Talk website has a step-by-step process to help you out. All you need to do is make sure you’re connected to a wireless network when you’re installing updates to make sure you get the most recent version of Play Services.


Google Play Services updates

Once you have downloaded the Google Play Services updates on your Straight Talk phone, you will be prompted to scan your phone for updates in the notification area.

Tap on the link provided and the software will begin scanning your phone for the updates. In just a few minutes, you will be able to receive an email from the Google Play Services update service that tells you when an update is ready for installation.


Updating your Android OS on a Straight Talk phone is as easy as clicking your mouse, but if you’re not comfortable using the internet to do things on your phone, using a USB cable is your best bet. To keep your phone up to date, connect your smartphone to your PC or laptop with a USB port and download the Play Services updates for your specific model of Straight Talk phone.