Can You Use A Different Charger For Your Laptop? Ultimate Guide!

Can You Use A Different Charger For Your Laptop? Ultimate Guide!

Is your laptop charger not working properly? Are you looking for a new one that will charge your laptop but want to make sure it is compatible with the laptop you are using? In this helpful guide, we answer the questions that many people, often newly-initiated, owners of Laptops have about powering their laptops using different adapters. As a previous owner of a Dell Inspiron and SONY VIAO laptop and now as someone who owns multiple brands of laptops, having access to power can sometimes mean a lot in emerging situations. 

Though there really shouldn’t be any problem even if your laptop is in perfect condition, some people may be carrying around power adapters from laptops that they used to own. Just make sure whatever adapter, brand, or model you do use matches up with the specifications on your original adapter so that you don’t risk damaging your brand new laptop!

Laptops make use of two different types of power adapters to function, DC and AC power adapters. Laptop chargers are external sources of power that convert electrical energy into a form your laptop can use.

Can I Use A Different Charger For My Laptop?

If you want to use your laptop on the go, you might be more familiar with travel adapters than anyone else. And there’s no need to wonder about why that is. After all, we’re living in an age where technology is leaning towards smaller and stronger devices that are now able to connect anywhere without the constraint of straps or a cord. You see, there are numerous kinds of adapters that have varying purposes, so people often find themselves confused as to what adapter they should really buy.

Power Requirements

It’s important to find the right power for your laptop. For example, gaming laptops require more power than normal ones. Gaming laptops rely on certain USB connectors instead of regular plugs so make sure you’re using the correct one or you may risk damaging your laptop. This is why the latest USB Type-C connector is becoming the primary port across laptops. 

The great thing about this connector is that it can work with different kinds of laptops too! As most of us already know, Apple started the whole trend by releasing its MacBooks device with only one USB C port which will then be imitated by other manufacturers. This technology will probably change over time with more companies following suit and updating their laptops to have a USB-C.

Do All HP Laptops Use The Same Charger?

In the case of HP laptops, they all follow a basic standard when it comes to required voltage and wattage. The two most common voltages used in chargers are 18.5 volts and 20 volts, both of which can be found on newer models out there today. Next, the HP startup uses a smart-pin high-current connector to charge those devices, so even those with multiple barrels fit within this category as well. Also worth noting is that the third thing unique about power supplies is not the connector but instead the polarity pins themselves – something that should be EoL by now.

When using a laptop charger from HP, you will notice that there are two different kinds of chargers: a 45 or 65-watt charger and a 90 or 110-watt charger. The 45/65 watt type is mostly used to keep internal parts running while the battery charges and is not meant for heavy usage. A 90 or 110-watt power supply, on the other hand, can be used to run moderately high-powered systems as well as charge the system if your battery happens to get low.

However, it will not result in a fast charge as your laptop’s charging circuit directs the charging process.

Do All DELL Laptops Use The Same Charger?

Dell laptops require their original laptop charger with specific power requirements for proper recharging. All Dell laptops do not use the same chargers. However, when the chargers are paired with a compatible laptop model, they are designed to function with all other laptops that have comparable power output or voltage/amps and connection types. 

Many Dell laptops require only 35 watts to function well, whereas the other laptop models might need more than 100w of power. A Dell charger might be able to charge your laptop, though the difference in power output can cause damage if you try using it on a different kind of computer.

Voltage And Amp Complication

There is a real risk of laptop damage when the charging wattage, voltage, and amperage are not all the same. This is because your laptop needs a specific amount of power to run safely. If another charger with lower wattage, voltage or amperage tries to supply your laptop with electricity it could overheat, causing damage. 

Calculate the wattage by multiplying voltage by amperage (multiply volts and amps together). Any replacement manufacturers’ charger must match the original’s ratings so that your laptop can run safely. Alternatives may cause excess heat issues which will impact the quality and performance of your laptop in future usage.

Go By Wattage

If you choose to use chargers with a different brand that is the same wattage of your Dell laptop, you may experience different results based on your connection. For example, if you bought a 90W compatible charger for your Dell Laptop using the VGA and/or HDMI connections vs. using it with the USB port for charging, you will likely not receive an error message. 

However, using a 75W charger from Targus in one of these situations will produce an “incompatible charger” message or better yet with no message at all!

Do All LENOVO Laptops Use The Same Charger?

The answer is no. Not all of the LENOVO chargers are suitable for every source of power they are connected to. If one were to search for an adaptor with the desired voltage, he should make sure that the wattage is not too high or too low in order to obtain the complete functionality of his system. 

You see, some series’ such as T6x/Z6x/X6x/R6x used 16.5V power supplies instead of 20V ones when added on to their computer. In addition, it is helpful to pay attention to the plugs included with each adapter design because unfortunately not all outlets despite working on the same circuit are interchangeable and may pose harm if used out of context with one’s devices by people without relevant training.

 For example, one might use a 65W laptop charger in a plug providing 25W and find that his or her system doesn’t function properly any longer whereas an insider would know how much juice can be safely drawn from that outlet at any given moment despite its nature as being electrically identical….

However, some Ideapad models have similar connectors, but they use higher power than 20V and cannot be interchanged with Thinkpad adapters. 

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16V vs 20V Adapter

If your laptop comes with a discrete graphics card, instead of using a 65W adapter with a 90W power rating along with it, use one that has at least a 135W power rating. 

That way, you can use the higher-power 175W adapters to accommodate the high demand for power that’s being thrown at it without having any issues but if you’re caught somewhere sailing on your boat or running around town and don’t have access to higher wattages, then you could use 65W or 90w adapters for convenience.

Other Laptop manufacturers are currently using proprietary charging methods which prevent Thinkpad from being compatible with other brand laptops. A likely reason for this could be that those other brands might not be making a universal adapter for the different models in their series to take advantage of.

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Do All SURFACE Laptops Use The Same Charger?

In the case of Surface Pro 2 and Surface Pro, you can use the chargers of Surface 2 and Surface RT laptops. Note that these two laptops do not provide an output greater than 24 Watts – so it’s recommended to only charge these two devices using their original chargers.

Note that the chargers of these two laptops do not provide an output greater than 24 Watts. So it’s recommended to only charge these two devices using their original chargers.

It’s important to remember that your laptop will charge differently from other chargers. If you aren’t using the original charger that came with your machine, plug it in to make sure it charges correctly.

USB-C Port

If you have a USB-C charger, it’s almost certain to work with all current Surface laptops without causing any issues whatsoever. However, there are some things you should keep in mind before using your USB-C charger with your laptop:

If you have a USB-C charger, it’s almost certain to work with all current Surface laptops without causing any issues whatsoever. However, there are some things you should keep in mind before using your USB-C charger with your laptop:

  1. Make sure that your charger is USB-C compatible. This means that the charger must be able to output 5V/3A power as well as 15V/20V power. You can check this by reading the label on the charger or by checking the output it has.
  2. For 15W chargers, only the Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 2017, and Surface Book can take full advantage of the power. The other models will still charge, but the charging speed will be decreased.
  3. If your charger has a 3-pronged end, you should make sure it’s the Type A charger and not a Type C as it will damage your laptop.

Third-Party Compatibility

The Surface laptops can only use chargers that are authorized by Microsoft. Third-party chargers may be considered for emergencies but using them for extended periods can damage your laptop.

 Extreme temperatures or frequent use of accessories that exceed the operating temperature may result in overheating. It is advised to purchase original Microsoft-approved accessories from the Surface shop to keep your laptop running smoothly.

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Do All APPLE Laptops Use The Same Charger? 

Apple has created several different power adapters. Available power outputs include 87W, 85W, 61W, and 29W. The adapters are designed to charge MacBooks more than 30 percent faster than the 5-watt power adapter that came with the device.

You can use the power adapter of your MacBook Pro with either your MacBook or MacBook Air. The power adapter of the MacBook Pro is a standard 85W charger, which means that either the 45W or 65W Power Adapter that comes with each laptop can be used (here’s how to tell the difference between 45W and 65W USB-C chargers).

Apple Laptops can be charged through their own unique charging cable and two different chargers: the MagSafe and the USB-C. The MagSafe charger is used to charge Mac laptops via its detachable AC plug, AC cable, AC adapter, and most importantly, its MagSafe Connector. 

The USB-C charger has a detachable Apple USB-C Power Adapter that uses lightning to USB-C cable for an alternate method of charging.

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Apple USB-C Charge Cable

To enjoy the best charging performance from your Apple Laptop, you can use the USB-C charge cable included with Mac notebook accessories. The 29W-watt or higher USB-C charge cable can be used with a high wattage power adapter to achieve optimal charging performance. 

If a third-party power adapter is used, you should either use the same wattage or higher wattage USB-C charge cable to ensure sufficient charging performance for Apple Laptops.

Do All ASUS Laptops Use The Same Charger?

No, not all ASUS laptops use the same charger. You should always make sure you use a laptop charger that matches the wattage of your system. If you provide more wattage than your machine can handle, it may override the ohms and impedance, frying your GPU and/or CPU’s processor vcore.

Instructions To Use ASUS AC Adapter

Every PC, tablet and laptop has a proprietary power supply unit in it. They vary in their model number, making it hard for you to find the right power adapter for your device. However, you can simplify the process by referring to the instructions given below.

  1. First and foremost, you should check the model number of your laptop and compare it with the list of compatible adapters given below.
  2. Then, you should ensure that the output voltage of your adapter is 12–20 volts.
  3. Thirdly, the wattage of the adapter should be 18–22 watts.
  4. Fourthly, the connector of your adapter should feature a 2-prong design. If your adapter has a 3-prong design, you should purchase a 3-to-2 adapter and vice versa.

Do All ACER Laptops Use The Same Charger?

Acer laptop chargers can take care of your battery and your power needs to charge the Acer laptop via an AC cord. The line of charger models available are 90W, 75W, 65W, and 60W.

ACER laptops come with power supply units or AC Adapters and an interchangeable nature, depending on the type of ACER laptop that you have. Generally speaking, it is safe to assume that a high-powered wattage unit can charge any low-wattage equipment as long as the plugs are compatible with one another (i.e., 1/2A plug on your notebook will fit into a 1/2A jack on your charger). Therefore, the charging capability of ACER chargers depends on their output capacities.

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If your laptop’s charger uses the same voltage to charge batteries as the newly purchased Acer laptop charger, it will begin charging your battery. If the other charger had been set at a different voltage or current, it would not have been compatible and therefore would not have begun to charge your laptop.

Do All MSI Laptops Use The Same Charger?

Gamers generally use MSI Laptops, because they are known to require lots of power. An MSI Charger is required for their laptops, as these models cannot utilize chargers from other brands. But some other models also can use an MSI charger, provided that they either need the same voltage or more power. 

This way, you’ll be sure to charge your laptop depending on what it needs to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Laptops require a desired output of both wattage and voltage to operate effectively. Your laptop charger is designed to provide the required power output, however, it is not recommended that you use another charger with your laptop, as they will likely be incompatible and thus end up damaging your system rather than helping. 

Many models of laptops are able to use the same chargers; however, before using any charger it’s important to read the specifications carefully.

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