How to Wear Airpods & Airpods Pro Correctly [ Complete Guide ]

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Airpods have been popular ever since they were first released in November 2017. However, not all users have become accustomed to their use.


Airpods come with a charging case which is a part of the device and it is supposed to be “fully charged” each time the charge is used.


However, sometimes AirPods don’t get fully charged and they can become damaged or fall out from the ears. Here are some tips to help you wear AirPods correctly:


  1. Don’t place your earphone close to your head because it will make them stick on your head.


  1. Before putting on the earphone, place it at an angle so that you can hear yourself better.


  1. The further down the earphone goes, the more comfortable it will be for you to wear them because it will deflect sounds downwards instead of up towards your ears when you are looking at something below you and listening to something above you like music or speech coming from a speakerphone; so that does not sound muffled, but rather sounds clearer because of less interference from other noises like cars or people talking nearby.


  1. If you are wearing earphones which have leather straps around them and do not have any clips, then also put on them at an angle so that they don’t fall out of your ears while walking down a street or while wearing headphones while working on a computer; this will keep your earphones in place and avoid them falling out of your ears while walking down a busy street or while wearing headphones while working on a computer.


This will keep your earphones in place and avoid them falling out of your ears while walking down a busy street or while wearing headphones while working on a computer; this will keep your earphones in place and avoid them falling out of your ears when walking down a busy street or while wearing headphones while working on a computer; this will keep your earphones in place and avoid them falling out of your ears when walking down a busy street or while wearing headphones during working on computers


This keeps their cords loose so that they can be moved around without interfering with each other because the end of one cord overlaps the end of another cord when used together; this keeps their cords loose so that they can be moved around without interfering with each other because the end of one cord overlaps the end of another cord when used together; if there is no way to move one cord away from another then remove


 The Reason Why Airpods Fall Out Easily


Airpods are like the latest accessory in the technology industry. They have become a must-have in any tech savvy person’s life. But they do sometimes fall out of your ears. Here’s how we can prevent it and make use of them during any situation at all times.


If you have ever had an earbud fall out from your ear, then you too have experienced the pain that comes from a very small plastic device falling out of your ear. After all, air is quite powerful and it can easily damage or rip through plastic objects when it hits them with a force of about 3 pounds (about 1 kilo).


And airpods don’t stand up for long to such powerful force; however, this time around, this time we are going to learn how to wear them correctly so that they won’t fall out from our ears; as well as showing you how you can use these devices when they do fall out.


The best thing about wearing these types of electronic devices is that they usually stay in place and do not move around when you are moving around or just doing normal things around your house. However, if something happens where one falls out of your ear, then this becomes a matter of concern and there needs to be some solution in place for it to remain in place for the duration required for its use.


This is exactly why we are here today to tell you how you should wear these devices correctly so that they don’t fall from your ears during any situation at all times while wearing them with ease so that they will never fall out from your ears again.

Wrong Fit


The AirPods are the new earbuds. With this latest innovation, you can also enjoy your music while wearing them. The problem is that they often fall out of your ears and cause discomfort; which is something that you should be aware of.

Airpods are very popular headphones because they are very convenient to wear. The problem with this is that they sometimes fall out of your ears and cause discomfort. This issue may occur if you wear them correctly. In order to prevent this, here are some tips on how to wear AirPods properly:


1) Ensure you have a good fit on your earlobes before putting up the AirPods so that the best possible deal can be made between the earlobe and the AirPod at all times and that there is no leakage around the stalk for the AirPod.


2) Keep in mind that it’s not uncommon for people to misplace their AirPods in their ears when they first put them on after putting them in so make sure you look down at your left side at all times when wearing AirPods for better supervision of the device during use and for a better fit between your earlobes and AirPod during use.


3) When putting on an AirPod, make sure not to bend or flex your earlobes or try to put it on too tightly or too loosely as this may result in a poor seal between the earlobe and an AirPod which could cause an airpod to fall out of one’s ear easily while wearing it as well as make one’s ears feel uncomfortable over time owing to any pressure placed there by an AirPod falling out of one’s ear while wearing it without intending so doing since such pressure can only be caused by improper fitting.

Silicon Tips on Airpods Pro


Airpods were designed to be lightweight and easy to use, and yet they are often not properly worn in a way that supports their intended purpose. Airpods are designed to fit snugly over the ears, with a small gap between the tip of the earbud and the outer rim of the ear. When an airpod is inserted into the ear canal, it can cause the object to “fall out” of your ear.


To prevent this from happening, you must wear an airtight seal around your head when you wear an airpod. The most common mistake that people make is putting their ears back on when they remove their airpods, which allows air to escape from inside them while they are wearing them.


If you watch someone wear an airpod without closing their ears first, you can see this happen. You will see tiny drops of liquid form in your pocket or bag as they sit there, before suddenly appearing in your ear canal. Airpods should not fall out of your ears if you are wearing them correctly, so take these tips into consideration when you put them on:


1) Close your ears before removing them from your ears This is more important than it sounds—most people aren’t aware how important it is to close their ears before removing them from the device! If you forget this step (which happens a lot!) then air will escape during removal and be trapped inside your head during this process. You might feel like everything’s fine when wearing AirPods but there’s a good chance it won’t last long if you don’t close your ears first!


2) Use soft cotton balls or place cotton wool in between each earcup Before using any kind of device on yourself or others, always make sure that there isn’t anything inside that could potentially cause damage (e.g., hair or skin cells).

A thin layer of cotton wool is perfect for doing this if you have sensitive skin; otherwise, just use soft cotton balls or place cotton wool in between each earcup before applying it to yourself or someone else. If something does get inside (e.g., lint), simply pull out and discard whatever got into there!


3) Avoid putting things in the wrong places The correct position for getting things into your ears can vary depending on what kind of device you’re using – whether headphones/earbuds/muffs etc. As such, always check where something is going first! This goes for all sorts of things

 Getting Physically Hit


Tens of thousands of people have written about how to properly wear the AirPods. Here’s a quick summary of the most important things you need to do if you intend to wear them.


First, make sure they fit correctly. It is important that they fit around your ears so that they don’t fall out. They should be snug, but not too tight or loose. The metal part should be touching your ear canal; this helps reduce the risk of injury. If you wear AirPods in the gym you might get hit physically.


Second, make sure you are using them properly. Avoid using them while you are sleeping or on an important task because it might get in the way and you can lose them mid-air.


Third, keep them dry and clean: they shouldn’t watermark like phones do when they get dirty from sweat or other liquids that come into contact with the phone’s internal body parts (like the buttons).


Fourth, make sure you store your AirPods safely: one thing to remember is that if you store them in a bag with a pocket, it becomes harder for them to fall out from underneath it than if it is placed on top of it and not in contact with anything at all.


Here are some tips for proper use of AirPods for as long as possible:


1) Ensure that these are stored in a closed case or bag so that any moisture does not get into the AirPods and cause damage to their electronics and rubber coating (the battery packs). If you are using headphones then place your AirPods inside a looped cable to prevent any moisture from getting in there as well; this lowers humidity levels inside your earbuds without altering their size and shape much.


This means there is less risk of damaging your AirPods over time by getting moisture (and dirt) inside them without letting air through all of their holes due to condensation etc.; this is especially important if you live in humid environments where sweat will easily condense/watermark on phones’ bodies/covers etc.


Try this for some ideas before buying something new such as headphones or earphones etc.; also try keeping an eye on where your buds have been stored; if they have been exposed a very long time ago then perhaps storing these out with stuff like keys etc., but keep in mind these things may actually damage the rubber coating/batteries over time rather than help preserve inner working.


 How to wear Airpods & Airpods Pro Correctly [ Complete Steps ]


A few years ago, we were at a conference when some of our colleagues were wearing Airpods. As they walked around the hallways, they were constantly losing their AirPods. It was quite an annoying experience that your earbobs would fall out at any moment.


We thought it was quite embarrassing and consequently decided to do a post on how we can wear AirPods and AirPods Pro Correctly. We hope you find it helpful.

How to change ear tips

When you purchase an Apple Airpods, you want them to work properly. So, if you’re going to wear them, it’s important that you put in the effort to get the most out of them.


Airpods are a part of Apple’s attempt at a completely wireless product. And while they seem like such an easy thing to do, it is actually quite difficult to do so.


First and foremost, your ears have different sizes for different purposes. If you are trying to have a normal conversation with someone through Airpods, then your ears need to fit the same size as everyone else’s ears. But if you are trying to play music or watch the video with someone, then your ears need adjustment for that purpose.


If you have one ear with smaller earholes than the other and your head is round like mine does, then it may be difficult for Airpods to fit into your ear canal each time you put them in. But if you have a more oval-shaped head like my husband has, or if there is just not enough room for the Airpods inside your ear canal without causing discomfort or making noise while wearing them, then it may be possible for Airpods to fit better into some people’s ears when they wear them correctly.


The reason why some people can easily wear AirPods better than others is that their ears are bigger than yours or their heads aren’t as round as yours and their bodies aren’t as flexible or full-figured as yours. That being said though — everybody has no issue fitting onto a phone case or clothes unless they are unusually small-headed from birth or extremely muscular from training exercises (if that makes sense).


Once we understand how our ears adjust differently depending on our body shape and size — we can make adjustments for those differences when putting on hearing aids for example; but this would require extra time and physical exertion which could potentially cause more harm than good in terms of listening experience (or maximum acoustic attenuation).


There are also other factors that affect how well Airpods will fit into our ears which we don’t yet understand (for example: how long they stay in our ear canal while sleeping) but figuring out how our unique form of body shape affects how well Airpods can fit into our ears should be considered when designing accessories (like headsets) as well as headphones themselves so that users can adjust themselves

How to use AirPods Pro


If you have ever experienced earbuds falling out of your ears, you know that they are uncomfortable. The best way to ensure that they stay in is by wearing them correctly; making sure they are worn at the appropriate angle and position so that they remain in the ear canal and do not fall out.


How do we wear Airpods?


I am using an AirPods Pro today, and I noticed that when I listen to music, podcasts or watch videos on my phone, I tend to crank up the volume more than normal. As a result, the AirPods tend to fall out of my ears easily. I want to prevent this from happening so that I can continue listening to music at high volumes without having to take them out.



AirPods are not one size fits all. They are not comfortable for everyone and that is why most people are uncomfortable with them. There is no right way to wear them and there is a wrong way to wear them too, but they still fall out from our ears easily when we are sleeping or standing up.


It is very important that you keep wearing it correctly to prevent this problem because if you don’t do so, you risk losing your earbuds forever.