What is video marketing ?

What is video marketing

Video marketing: what is it? Videomarketing means creating valuable content in order to promote brands, inform consumers and nurture the relationship with them. It means telling about a brand by generating an emotional reaction in the viewers, much more powerful than what you can have with simple text or static image. It is one of the most effective content marketing tools at your disposal, with ever-growing potential.

Why is video marketing important ? With movies you can educate, inspire and entertain viewers. Thanks to video marketing strategies , therefore, companies can increase brand awareness, customer consideration, site traffic and, consequently, also sales and turnover. This is also true in the case of freelancers; it is an integral part of their online sponsorship business.

Are you curious to find out:

  • what are the current trends;
  • how to create effective videos;
  • how to do video marketing for companies;
  • what benefits can it bring to your digital strategy?

Trend video of the moment

Why is it important to know how to do video marketing ? I want to make you understand through video marketing statistics .

  • People remember 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see while 70% of something that is communicated to them through sound and images together;
  • 75% of users who surf the web prefer to see videos rather than read a text; in particular, Wyzowl points out that 72% of customers prefer to watch an informative film about the products rather than read about it;
  • In Oberlo it is highlighted how the tendency to purchase by users who come to an e-commerce site via user-generated video content , increases by 184%;
  • According to Wyzowl, people watch an average of 16 hours of online video per week, 90% from their mobile devices;
  • Wyzowl also reports how 89% of marketers believe that videos allow a good return on investment (ROI). In particular, Biteable highlights how videos improve the ROI by 68% compared to Google Ads and 74% compared to a static image;
  • According to a report by Wistia , the use of movies, or animated GIFs, within the email  marketing strategy increases the click through rate by up to 300%.

All incredible numbers, right? It is difficult not to recognize the effectiveness of using video marketing strategies to achieve corporate business objectives.

Trend online YouTube

Used by 87% of companies that bet in web marketing video , the video channel par excellence has a higher ROI per video than other social networks. Here are some YouTube trends online :

  • users upload more than 500 hours of new videos per minute and watch 1 billion per day, as highlighted in the Optin Monster blog;
  • over 70% of the consumption of audiovisual content takes place via mobile devices , with an average stay of 40 minutes per day;
  • “how-to” searches grow by 70% every year;
  • the use of the Live stream functionality is increased, as a consequence of the greater propensity of users to watch live videos rather than on-demand videos;
  • increases the tendency of brands to collaborate with creators and to use 360-degree videos to make their products / services known in an exclusive way;
  • YouTube and YouTubeTV viewing time on television screens increased by 80%, also thanks to docuseries.


Video Strategies

What is the video marketing strategy you can adopt? There is no single video marketing strategy . It all depends on what you need to sponsor: yourself, an event or your business.

Make a video marketing plan , where to specify the objectives and allocate the production and promotion budget on the platforms that you think are interesting for your potential consumers. Remember that diversifying your content distribution is important for building a good video marketing strategy.

To define the editorial plan, you can rely on the 3 H model.  This involves the creation of three types of videos throughout the year:

Hero : special and spectacular audiovisual content, to be published a few times a year, for particular purposes, such as product launches or important announcements. Aimed at a wide audience, they have a high level of creativity and are focused on storytelling ;

Hub : serial videos to be published constantly, at least once a week. To be effective, they must be based on a well-defined and repeatable structure over time. They aim to retain users , giving them a reason to continue following the brand;

Help : clips created to answer real questions or curiosities of customers about the company, its products / services. Their function is crucial when customers are undecided about the purchase and must evaluate a specific product / service compared to competitors.

Then decide whether to focus on emotional, informative or more institutional films , based on your reference sector and the type of market you are targeting.

Build trust with video content

One of the main objectives of content video marketing is to increase the customer’s trust , or potential, in the brand. Trust is fundamental for the growth and success of any commercial reality and movies can help to obtain it by exploiting the immediacy and emotional impact characteristic of the format. Would you ever buy from someone you don’t trust? The same goes for your buyers.

There are no universal rules for being able to create a strong bond with others through a movie. Surely the contents must be of quality; not too long, with impactful images, sounds and words, which tell something or are useful for the viewer. However, what makes the difference for the company and the professional is the ability to expose themselves in the first person . There is nothing better than a film made for your audience, knowing well its characteristics and needs, and with the participation of yourself or one of your collaborators.

ROI video

To make you understand how useful it is to sell products with video marketing , the aforementioned Wyzowl report comes to my aid. Here we specify the percentage of video marketers who have experienced how to use a movie:

  • offer them a good ROI (89%);
  • you help them generate leads (83%);
  • increase website traffic (87%);
  • contribute directly to the increase in sales (80%).
  • Given the successes, 95% of video marketing professionals plan to continue investing in the creation of audiovisual content .

Video and SEO

A good video marketing strategy also consists in embedding valuable videos within and at the beginning of your landing pages or website / blog pages. This offers several advantages:

  • increases the average time spent on the page, improving its position on search engines and increasing its visibility;
  • increases the likelihood of receiving backlinks;
  • conversion rates can grow up to 80%.

Hence , videographic contents are excellent allies in terms of search engine optimization (SEO) . But be careful: make sure that the page and the audiovisual clip are SEO-friendly.

If you are wondering “ How do I make a video SEO friendly? “Know that you will have to use:

  • right tags being published;
  • include transcripts;
  • use keywords relevant to the topic you intend to deal with.

That is, you will have to provide Google’s crawlers with the information they need to understand its content, making sense of it. Do not forget, then, the ‘ optimization for smartphones , essential since most of the views are done from here. So, when asked “ do videos help SEO? ”The answer is yes, and not only your business but also the user benefits from it, in terms of user experience.

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