Which EMR is more suitable for your practice—EpicCare EMR or Kareo EMR? 


For your practice, are you looking for an EMR? Since we understand that only some businesses have the time to consider a wide range of different services carefully, we have put together a list of recommendations that you might find helpful. Our top picks in the category of EMR software are Kareo and EpicCare EMR.  

What is EpicCare and Kareo EMR solution:

Doctors can follow the ongoing medical development of a patient with the ambulatory solution EpicCare. The management of a few of their daily operations, including appointment scheduling, invoicing, and payment, is employed by health organizations worldwide. A module can meet every demand. It incorporates clinical trials, a mobile app, analytics, and portable medical data.  

The healthcare facilities that employ it have seen an improvement in the effectiveness and productivity of their doctors and a rise in overall revenue. As a result, clinics might experience increased daily traffic without lowering the quality of service they offer patients. The efficiency of the workflow will increase, particularly for clinicians.  

Kareo EMR software is a cloud-based supplier of health IT that provides EMR and Practice Management (PM) software in addition to Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services. The Kareo Clinical Electronic Medical Records (EHR) Software is Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 Certified and ICD-10 Ready.  

The Kareo EMR system offers an effective workflow between back and front offices thanks to its sophisticated PM software. Kareo Practice Management Software handles responsibilities like scheduling, insurance confirmation, overdue account administration, collections procedure, patient file management, and configurable report output and is the ideal assistant for office managers.  

Let’s check the features EpicCare Vs. Kareo:

EpicCare EMR:

  • MyChart Patient Portal: Patients can access their personal and family health information on their mobile devices using EpicCare’s MyChart patient module. Additionally, they can schedule appointments, send notes to doctors, fill out surveys, and participate in virtual visits. MyChart Bedside enables hospitalized patients to view their schedule, ask a doctor for assistance, communicate, exchange messages, finish questionnaires, and obtain personalized treatment plans. In addition, online scheduling for potential patients to become new patients is easier with MyChart.  
  • Analytics: Epic enables those familiar with the patient to research their suspicions across populations and create dashboards. Users can also aggregate many sources of operational, financial, and clinical data into a unified data warehouse. This tool lets users share and organize their analytics content on a web portal.  
  • Community Health Portal: Through an integrated site, users can order lab and imaging work, fill in care gaps, schedule appointments, and more via the community health portal.  
  • The following specialties and ancillaries are available through Epic: nephrology, obstetrics, oncology, dentistry, dermatology, endoscopy, ENT, fertility, genomics, home health, lab, long-term care, rheumatology, transplant, wound care, urgent care. In addition, it has modules for radiology, orthoptics, oncology, wound care, and orthoptics.  
  •  Telehealth: With the help of the telehealth function in the EpicCare EMR, doctors may monitor and treat patients from a distance. Telehealth manages chronic disease care and ICU monitoring with various technologies.  
  • AI: Epic provides embedded machine learning algorithms at the point of care. Utilizing its cloud-based architecture also makes deploying different artificial intelligence models easier.  
  • Epic Share: Customers can expand their systems to independent clinics via Epic Share, allowing them to keep billing and scheduling separate.  

Kareo EMR- Key features:  

  • Comprehensive Dashboard: Use the task lists, customized multi-resource calendar, and straightforward dashboard.  
  • Convenient eLabs: Use Kareo EMR eLabs to automate ineffective paper-based operations.  
  • Electronic Superbills: Complete and submit an accurate superbill in a few clicks.  
  • Easy e-Prescribing: Simple e-Prescribing: With electronic prescribing, you and your staff may save time and cut down on phone calls. Also, help your patients save money.  
  • Comprehensive Patient Portal: Share billing and medical records data, and at any time, securely contact patients.  
  • Relevant Use Certified for Stage 2: meet the highest requirements for protecting data privacy and safe information sharing.  
  • Maximize productivity: Increase productivity. Support your team’s whole practice workflow, including sending secure messages, managing patients, and uploading documents. 
  • Agenda Overview: Summary of the agenda. View all information at a glance by showing the outstanding items that require your attention.  
  • Integrated Prescription Discounts: Discounts for integrated prescriptions are available at the time of medication. By offering discounts to patients so they may save money, you can increase the likelihood that they will complete their drugs.  

User feedback EpicCare Vs. Kareo EMR:

Thanks to the shortcut options, many users like EpicCare’s comprehensive features and appreciate its user-friendly features. Additionally, it increases the transparency of patient data, facilitating access to patient records for healthcare professionals working in various locations. However, the system’s tremendous capabilities intimidate many users, and many users need help to use shortcuts successfully. In addition, according to the majority of critics, the system is frequently unavailable, offers little assistance, is prohibitively expensive, and is challenging to use. Nevertheless, despite the reviews’ typically negative tone, most reviewers said they would still recommend this system to a friend or colleague, placing EpicCare at the top of the list of EHR software suppliers.  

Kareo EMR has excellent templates, forms, and the SALT Feature, which saves time and streamlines documentation, and it can be used immediately with minimum training. It also has fantastic implementation assistance. EHR notes are formatted & presented professionally. Users appreciate that they can easily choose which details to offer by selecting the Care Coordination feature option in each message. They enjoy having my billing, records, Reputation Watch, client engagement, HIPAA-approved/secured Telehealth platform, and much more from a single vendor. Lastly, Kareo consistently seeks feedback on enhancing its services and goes above and beyond to show its worth to its clients by offering outstanding communication, accountability, and follow-through. Kareo provides a better platform and reasonable cost. They are highly suggested. However, users believe that the referral loop system has to be improved. The requests section of Erx has turned into a hassle. For instance, if a patient needs to take six different prescriptions, you must click on each one separately and approve or deny it. There are times when software malfunctions or refuses to load for days, which hurts doctor and patient visits.   

Who is more costly? Kareo or EpicCare EMR 

The starting price of Kareo is $150 per provider/month Plus 4% to 9% (collections), which is considerably less than the typical price of medical software. However, compared to its rivals, EpicCare EMR costs more than the regular price of medical software, starting at $1,200 per year. Simply put, Kareo costs more money than EpicCare EMR. 

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