Why and How to Empty Trash on iPhone: 5 Methods

When you use an iPhone throughout the day, there is a great possibility that trash accumulates and remains on your device. Unfortunately, there is no Mac Trash Bin or Windows Recycle Bin like a folder on an iPhone.

Instead, you need to remove the deleted files individually for each app on your iPhone. Here is the perfect guide on how to empty trash on iPhone to reduce space and speed up your device.

Where Is iPhone Trash?

Some new iPhone owners don’t know that iPhone specifically doesn’t have any Trash folder where all deleted files go. But you’ll find the Recently Deleted tab, which holds the record of all deleted photos and videos.

This tab doesn’t have a particular folder where removed files are sent. All apps with something disposable are offered a trash option to erase additional items. Deleted data remains safe for 30 days. In iPhone, the trash option is built-in apps like Notes, Mail, Contact, and Photos.

Why Empty iPhone Trash?

To download new stuff, you will require free space on your iPhone. To create free space, you will have to delete unwanted data. Sometimes users delete data from the main folders without emptying Trash which leads to a full storage error.

Lacking adequate storage creates an obstacle in downloading large-size videos or installing a new app. It also reduces the iPhone working speed and efficiency. For better storage optimization, sometimes you need to empty trash. Here is how to empty trash on iPhone.

Empty iPhone Photo App Trash

Empty Trash on iPhone’s Files App

Open the Photos App on your iPhone and choose the photos you wish to delete. To remove more than one image simultaneously, pick the multi-select option. Tap on Trash to delete selected photos.

Deleted photos will be available in your album’s Recently Deleted folder. Access this folder and tap Edit on your phone’s top right corner. Next, click on the Delete All option or just choose the photos you have to remove permanently from your device.

Empty iPhone Email Trash

Useless emails on your iPhone can also consume space. So, it’s better to get rid of them from the Mail app. To empty trash from this app on your iPhone, launch the Mail app from the iPhone’s main interface. Now, open your email account whose emails you need to delete.

Navigate to the Advanced settings and access the Deleted Mailbox tab. Hit on the Trash symbol and click on Edit to select the emails you wish to remove. To delete all the emails, select Trash All. It will erase all unwanted emails permanently from your iPhone.

Empty iPhone Notes App Trash

Notes app is another way to erase the trash notes from your iPhone permanently. To delete notes on your iPhone, launch the Notes app. Now, select the unwanted or outdated notes that you would like to erase permanently.

Immediately delete selected notes to send them to the Recently Deleted folder. Access the Recently Deleted tab and find out if there is any important note. If you don’t need any notes, simply hit on Delete All. It will erase the entire notes folder as well forever.

Empty Voice Memos Trash

Just like photos, emails, and notes, you can permanently delete your recordings. For this, you have to empty the trash in your Voice Memos app. So, first, open the Voice Memos application on your device.

Now, click on the back arrow at the top-left side of the app. Choose the Recently Deleted tab from the menu. Next, hit on the Edit tab, which is available at the top right. Click the Delete All option to erase all the deleted items permanently and empty the Voice Memos app.

Empty Trash on iPhone’s Files App

Empty Trash on iPhone’s Files App

Using the Files app, you can find the files saved on your device by particular apps, including Pages and Numbers apps. You can also locate the files stored locally by cloud services such as OneDrive and Dropbox. To empty trash in your iPhone’s Files app, open your Files app.

If you can’t open this app on the Browse page, click Browse at the bottom page. The Browse option will display several folder locations. Choose Recently Deleted from the given list. Click the three-dots icon and pick Select in the context menu. Tap Delete All to empty the trash.

The Conclusion

So, if your iPhone is working slowly or you have less storage space, opt for ways to reduce the space. By optimizing photos, deleting unwanted apps, clearing cache, and removing browsing history, you can free up iPhone space.

To save a lot of storage space, you can empty separate trash bins individually using the above methods. Before you empty them, keep a secure backup of your crucial data on iCloud storage or other external devices. It will help in quickly recovering lost data.

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