Windows Phones Suck – Not the Right Solution For Mobile Users


Windows phones are not going to win any popularity contests anytime soon. Everyone from Apple to Google is making inroads into the smartphone world, and it seems that Microsoft is taking a step backward instead of gaining ground. The mobile phone war will not be won with a single product line, no matter how good it might be. It’s more about having a strong ecosystem, which will still take some time for Microsoft to come up with.

Lack of apps

So you’re a developer for an app and want to make it available for the Windows Phone platform. Microsoft’s app store is rather slow to roll out updates, and the apps that are there tend to be pricey. Just a $1.99 app can cost you $0.99, and the number continues to grow. Microsoft needs to make money for their platform, but their approach seems counterproductive to new developers. Pros: Intuitive design and features

Cons: Poor app store, high prices for apps that are updated, and slow update process. Why? Let’s take a look at Microsoft’s approach to the app store.

Poor design

and limited app updates Why? Microsoft has launched a developer app which allows you to “update” your own apps. The problem with this is that you can only update your own apps. The “update” feature is not available for third-party apps. This means that if you want to “update” your app, you have to purchase a new version of the app and pay more money. I can see that Microsoft’s purpose was to help the developers by making their app updates easier, but it’s actually confusing and counter-productive for new developers.

Poor app store

and high prices Why? I’ve got a Microsoft Band and there are only 15 apps available for it. This is not a problem for me, but lots of developers are complaining that they can’t make money with this new app store and most apps cost $1.99 or more! I don’t know how this is going to work out, but I’m sure Microsoft will sort it out!

Limited customization

There are lots of negative reviews about the new Microsoft app store, which is available for Windows 8, Android and iOS. Why? It doesn’t allow users to customize their own Live tiles.

High price

Price of windows apps are high this is why windows phone sucks. Why? My windows phone is a flagship device, and it is amazing! It has amazing specs, awesome design, innovative features and an overall wonderful UI, which works wonderfully. But windows phone sucks. The price of windows apps are higher than those of android and ios apps, the start up time is long, which reduces the performance. They don’t have innovative features. Samsung and HTC are the only phone that has some of its own apps like kik, facebook and twitter. It’s not a beacuse of the company itself, it’s the developers. They are bad. There are not many apps that are updated on time.

Low market share

They have low market share . Why do you think microsoft always releases a new version of windowsevery year or two? Because it is low market share. It’s not like they are withholding the latest version to create a better experience, instead they release it soon to get some market share back. Better then others.

No updates

There is no updates in WINDOWS Phone. Why? Because developers don’t develop for windows phone. You see, the reason is because there is no market share. The devs do not want to make it and risk it being a huge flop. The fact that they don’t updates means that many apps are the same from the year 2012 till now.

No innovation

There is no innovation in windows phone like iOs and Android. There are very few apps created for windows phone but there is a lot of features that never get updated. One example is the built in browser. Even if you update the version, it doesn’t change a lot.

Buggy software

Windows Phone has laggy and buggy software because of many glitches. Some glitches are so hard to fix. One example is the Instagram app that crashed a lot, even for a small post. The same thing goes for Gmail. It crashes a lot and the email do not always send. Google’s apps are famous for having bugs but Windows Phone also has some major bugs. In conclusion, Windows Phone is laggy and buggy. There are no good apps that are developed for windows phone, there is not many people using it.

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